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Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season 12, Episode #2
Title:  “I’ve become the Archie Bunker of the Home”, quote by Ronald.
Date:  July 11th.
Provided Funds:  $59.00 by Kynt & Vyxsin
Pit Stop:  Standard 12 hours

Note:  Damn, I am really running late.  My boyfriend and I have both been sick and I haven’t had access to my computer (where I keep my backup of the episode).  So no recap/report, when I would normally have it posted.  Oh well, better never then late,  hehe.

Teams slept in tents near the Connemare Heritage Centre (also known as Dan O’Hara’s Homestead), which is located on the N59 5 miles from Clifden (the Capital of Connemara).

Teams leave the  Pit Stop in the order they arrived:
1.  Azaria & Hendekea – 12:00am
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin – 12:05am
3.  TK & Rachel – 12:15am
4.  Lorena & James – 1:15am
5.  Nicolas & Donald – 1:35am
6.  Shana & Jennifer – 1:57am
7.  “Ari” & Christina (I mean Ron) – 2:46am
8.  Kate & Pat – 2:47am
9.  Marianna & Julia – 2:59am
10.  Nathan & Jennifer – 3:00am

Teams must travel nearly 600 miles to the city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (tok up, and prostitution yeah…).  When teams arrive they will travel by train to Amsterdam Central Station and search the city canals for Melkmeisjes Bridge (which one of the racers refers to as Milk Maids Bridge) to find their next clue.

Teams must travel back to Shannon to the airport.  It should be an easy drive 60 km on N59 to Galway, then continue on to Shannon.

All Teams apparently take the N59, except for Marianna & Julia who take the coastal route of R340 (which is considerable longer).

Donald gets a flat tire which allows a team to pass them before its changed.

“Mirna” & Christina (oops) and Kate & Pat stop in Galway at The Boat Inn and use the internet to check for flights.  This allows Nathan & Jennifer to pass them.

Teams arrive at the Shannon airport in the following order:
1.  Azaria & Hendekea
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  TK & Rachel
4.  Lorena & Jason
5.  Shana & Jennifer
6.  Nicolas & Donald
At 6:00am the Aer Lingus ticker counter opens (and they even give us a phone number (0818 365-000) to get them on the 7:00am flight to Dublin.
7.  Nathan & Jennifer (1st team still hasn’t been ticketed)
8.  “Peter” & Christina
9.  Kate & Pat
All make the first flight to Dublin, Info (lovingly borrowed from Apskip, okay, okay I flat out stole it) to follow.
10.  Marianna & Julia arrive after what I assume must have been a beautiful coastal drive a few minutes before departure, but too late to board and must take a later flight.

Apskip, I didn't find your update, so please correct me (last one I saw was on Episode #2 commentary, and I disagree)

Flight Info to Dublin

Flight #1
EI132 SNN DUB 0700 0745

Why wouldn't Marianna & Julia taken
Flight #2
El124 SNN DUB 830 0915 (?)

Wouldn't that allow them time to make the later connection to Amsterdam.

At Dublin teams take two separate flights to Amsterdam.
EI604 DUB AMS 0940 1215

Flight #2
EI606 DUB AMS 1110 1345

Flight #1 holds the following teams:
1.  Azaria & Hendekea
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  TK & Rachel
4.  Lorena & Jason
5.  Shana & Jennifer
6.  Nathan & Jennifer
7.  Nicolas & Donald (who manage standby)

Flight #2 holds the following stragglers:
8:  “Lake” & Christina
9:  Kate & Pat
10:  Marianna & Julia

The 1st flight arrives at 12:15pm.

Teams make their way through Schiphol Airort.

Trains depart roughly every ten minutes for a 20 minute trip to Centraal Station.
1.  Azaria & Hendekea get a 12:32 train, by paying on board instead of in the terminal.

Train #2 holds:
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  Lorena & James
4.  TK & Rachel
5.  Shana & Jennifer
6.  Nathan & Jennifer
7.  Nicolas & Donald

Several of these teams get on the wrong train by they wisely ask for confirmation from the locals who correct them, and they manage to board the correct train.

Train #3, most likely a full hour and a half later contains:
8.  Marianna & Julia
9.  “The Weavers” & Christina
10.  Kate & Pat

Teams arrive at the Melkmeisjes Bridge (thank you god, for copy & Paste) to receive their next clue in the following order:
1.  Azaria & Hendekea
2.  Lorena & Jason
3.  Kynt & Vyxsin
4.  Shana & Jennifer
5.  Nathan & Jennifer
6.  TK & Rachel
7.  Nicolas & Donald
and considerable later
8.  Marianna & Julia
9.  “Ray” & Christina
10.  Kate & Pat

DETOUR:  Hoist it or Hunt it.

In Hoist it:  Teams go across the street and use a traditional rope and pulley system to “Hoist” 5 pieces of furniture (including items such as a chair, a table, a lamp, a stroller, and a TV…..Puddin) up a typical Amsterdam residence.  Once all the furniture has been moved inside the foreman will hand the team their next clue. (Peach Rules)

In Hunt it:  Teams make their way several blocks to this tri-level parking lot where they will search through thousands of bicycles, the most common form of transportation in Amsterdam, to find the 2 bikes tagged with the specific colors designated by their clue.  After finding both bikes, teams must make ride them 5 miles to Buiksloter-meerplein where an attendant will give them their next clue.

Teams that Choose Hoist it are:
1.  Lorena & James (James does lower station)
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin (Vyxsin does the lower station for four out of five and then they switch)
3.  Shana & Jennifer (Shana does the lower station, and kudos to her)
4.  Nathan & Jennifer (Nathan does the lower station for four out of five and then they switch)
5.  TK & Rachel (TK attempts the lower station for as long as it takes everyone to complete this detour, before Rachel takes over and does all five.  Kudos also to Rachel.  And please someone check to see if TK’s shoes use Velcro…)
6.  “Jonathug” & Christina (but they switch after thinking about it and watching the knot tying demostration)

Teams that Choose Hunt it are:
1.  Azaria & Hendekea (Purple/Green/Purple, each find one of the bikes)
2.  Nicolas & Donald (Green/Yellow/Green, each find one of the bikes)
3.  Marianna & Julia (Red/Green/Red, and I still can’t tell ths two apart, so I have no clue)
4.  Kate & Pat (Orange/Green/Orange, Pat finds both while trying not to laugh at Ron…)
5.  “Allison” & Christina (Red/Blue/Red, and Ron finds both bikes because “Christina is useless daughter, who is fat and lazy, and doesn’t live in the real world.  And Boogers!!!”)

Teams complete the Detours in the following order:
1.  Lorena & Jason  (Damn, Jason’s Hawt…..yeah, you pull that rope)
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  Shana & Jennifer
4.  Nathan & Jennifer
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  TK & Rachel (they had to stop so she could tie his shoe laces)
7.  Nicolas & Donald (who almost take the train, instead of following the clues instruction to walk)
8.  Marianna & Julia (That scenic route really hurt)
9.  “Russell” & Christina
10.  Kate & Pat

From Buiksloter meerplein (the drop off point for the bikes), travel by bus (#30, or route #30) to the rural village of Ransdorp.  Once there, search the marked field for your next clue.

Bus #1:
1.  Lorena & Jason
2.  Shana & Jennifer
3.  Nathan & Jennifer

Bus #2:
4.  Kynt & Vyxsin
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  TK & Rachel
7.  Nicolas & Donald

Bus #3:
8.  Marianna & Julia
9.  “Ian” & Christina

Bus #4 (the main buses don’t run route 30 at night so a mini bus is used)
10.  Kate & Pat

Teams make it to the Clue box in field in the following order:
1.  Shana & Jennifer
2.  Lorena & Jason
3.  Nathan & Jennifer
4.  Azaria & Hendekea
5.  Kynt & Vyxsin
6.  TK & Rachel
7.  Nicolas & Donald
8.  Marianna & Julia
9.  “Wil” & Christina
10.  Kate & Pat


In this roadblock a team member must master a skill (damn TK is in trouble) , once used by Dutch farmers to travel between fields. (Slowhatch)

Ditch Vault:  Team members must complete a single vault, successfully touching both feet on the marshy grass on the other side, once across they may retrieve their clue, then return to their partner in any muddy fashion.

Team members get to the roadblock in the following order:
1.  Nathan & Jennifer
2.  Shana & Jennifer
3.  Lorena & Jason
4.  Azaria & Hendekea
5.  TK & Rachel
6.  Kynt & Vyxsin
7.  Nicolas & Donald
8.  Marianna & Julia
9.  “Guido’s” & Christina
10.  Kate & Pat

Team complete the  roadblock in the following order (underlined members are who completed the roadblock):
1.  Lorena & Jason (1st attempt) – Jason has performed both Roadblocks.
2.  Shana, or as Jennifer of Nathan would call her, that “tiny bitch”, (also perhaps her 1st attempt) & Jennifer – Both have performed one roadblock
3.  Nathan & Jennifer – Both have completed one roadblock
4.  TK & Rachel, since has decided she better do every thing (1st attempt) – Both have performed one roadblock
5.  Kynt, who wants you to know he’s a bit prissy, & Vyxsin – Both have completed a roadblock
6.  Azaria & Hendekea – Both have completed one roadblock.
7.  Nicolas & Donald (I had to watch this again…I had better get some in shape men taking their clothes off at some point….) – Both have completed one roadblock
8.  Marianna & Julia (1st attempt) – Marianna has completed both roadblocks
And I am about to get banned again….
9.  Ron (look at my daughter, what a disappointment.  She has a pole between her legs and doesn’t understand how to position it, how am I to get her a good husband, she is also fat) & Christina – Both have completed one roadblock (though he could have done it better)
10.  Kate & Pat – Kate has completed both roadblocks

Teams must now ride a Dutch cargo bike called a bakfiels and ride it through the countryside while searching for the “Marked” drop off point at Durgerdam Yacht Club.  Durgerdam is a village 7 km east of the city, this picturesque waterfront on the edge of Europe’s 2cd largest lake, Lake Marker (Markermeer), is the Pit Stop of this leg of the amazing Race.

Note:  The marked drop off point isn’t in race colors and doesn’t have a flag next to it.  But it does have Phil on the Mat (with 2 greeters wearing hats….okay how many points did that cost me?) across the street looking at the racers like they are idiots.

Teams check in which about half of them* pay tribute to “Fran & Barry’s keen observational skills in the following order:
1.  Lorena & Jason* (who each win a 3 tricycle)
2.  Nathan & Jennifer*
3.  Shana & Jennifer*
4.  Kynt & Vyxsin
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  TK & Rachel*
7.  Marianna & Julia
8.  Nicolas & Donald*
9.  Ron & Christina
10.  Kate & Pat who are eliminated and were hoping for ”footprints in the sand”

Can you believe, the detectives, had the departure times nailed very closely, the locations and activites at every stage of this leg, except for the clue box at the bridge.  Damn impressive.

Be back tomorrow with some actual legitimate commentary about team and team performance.A
Nd my browser just crashed and eat this post, so you guys and gals are getting my rough draft, because I am sleepy.

Maybe we can get you to help with the Big Brother feeds mswood! Late nighter, likes to type  :jam:? You rock!!


--- Quote from: puddin on November 16, 2007, 01:38:51 AM ---Maybe we can get you to help with the Big Brother feeds mswood! Late nighter, likes to type  :jam:? You rock!!

--- End quote ---
I have never even watched an episode of Big Brother, ever.

mswood, your usual fantastic report. It was worth waiting for. A couple of random points:

1. Kynt and Vyxsin missed the first #30 bus by seconds. Kate and Pat missed the third #30 bus by seconds. The elimination could have been different if the latter were slightly quicker to the bus.

2. Multiple teams, particularly Lorena and Jason, went past the bakfiels dropoff point and had to struggle to find it.

3. I will be commenting separately on the SNN DUB flight question.

mswood states "Why wouldn't Marianna and Julia have taken EI124 SNN DUB 0830 0915?"

My answer is contained in the Speculative Timelines thread for leg 2 and is copied here:

Their best option if they could have reacted immediately and ticketed a 715am departure would have been:

FR1302 SNN DUB 0715 0800, then connecting to EI606 since EI604 was booked.

However, their 650am arrival didn't permit that(Note: I'm less sure of that now) and they actually got:

EI372 SNN LHR 0740 0915, then connecting to BD105 1040 1300. Note: When I looked this up a month ago, I found a BA flight at 0830 SNN to LHR, but now it has disappeared from sight. At that time I do not remember seeing EI372 at all.

All of this is a grand way of saying WE DON'T REALLY KNOW because of the confusion. The usual definitive answers from historic flight information are cloudy.


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