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Eric and Jess for Amazing Race

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Would you like to see Big Brother 8's Jessica and Eric compete on The Amazing Race?  Join the fan campaign to get them cast on the show!  Fans are flooding CBS with letters and woobies to show our support for Team Jeric.  To get involved, please visit the fan campaign website at for information, updates, funny promo videos, and exclusive pictures of Team Jeric with Woobie in New York and Kansas. 
Also, here is the campaign video to inspire you.
If you support getting Jessica and Eric cast on The Amazing Race, please help us spread the word!  This campaign is being conducted entirely by fans like you, and we need everyone's help to make it a success.     
Alexis and Jim

No thank you!! :barf

Perfectly fine in the BB house mind you--but no more Reality TV has-beens on TAR please -- never no way not even !!

NO, I personally do not ever want any more Big Bother or Survivor or other reality show retreads or any genuine entertainment industry celebrities to ever appear on the Amazing Race. I believe that most of the members of Reality Fan Forum feel the same. Stop this nonsense! We only want to see fresh new faces.

Editor's Note - I fogot to add for consistency with an earlier note almost identical to this that I do want to see Amazing Race veterans in All-Star competitions form time to time, maybe one out of every 7 or 8 races.

woah apskip chill out lmfao if you don't like it just ignore it

Word word word - apskip     :groan:


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