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Traveler IQ challenge


Go to here on the TAR12 site, play and post your scores. Geography skills are important, but so is clicking speed (and a little luck; I just guessed the flag of Namibia  :lol:). I'm sure Apskip and everybody else will have no trouble beating my pitiful score.

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I played this and the problem was the map was so small I couldn't put the flag on the exact spot but was always so close so I gave up  :-[ :angel:

my final score was only 3000 :(
i suck!

i'm going to keep playing though LOL it's fun.

Slowhatch, I didn't beat you by much:

Score 239,721
Level 6
Traveler IQ 113

I was mystified by one place that I know I clicked close to in the right country but it stated I was 6500 km off. I think there's at least one bug in the test software.

Most of the places are easy to get approximately(within 300km), but getting them within 100 km according to them is really quite difficult. I think I accomplished this for only 3 places in the entire range of the test.

I pulled in a 239, 596 and with an IQ of 114.   I agree some of the locations they use on the map are incorrect.  For example: Sao Paulo, Brazil they show with a flag on the coastline; while it is actually 200 some miles in land.  And it is hard to place your marker on the correct spot since the maps are so s m a l l.  But lots of fun anyway.


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