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Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season 12, Episode 1
Title:  “Donkeys have souls too”, from Christina after watching team “animal Cruelty” at work.
Date:  July 8th.
Provided funds:  $419.00 from Nathan & Jennifer Insider Clips (or Web clips).

Just a few notes before I continue.

Note #1:  I want to give a huge shout out  :yourock:  to the members who did such a great job locating everything in this episode (Really almost every single thing).  I will try and give credit to the things I remember, but if I slight you I apologize upfront.  I am always amazed at how much work and time you put into everything from finding a specific side of a building to figuring relations to other locations, airplane schedule to every stinking city in the world, to local customs and animal husbandry.  Thanks from me, at many other readers and lurkers.

Okay enough sucking up to the people who actually do the work here. :lies:

Note #2:  Due to the fast paced nature of a one-hour episode, the show doesn’t give me as much footage as I would like.  So if list are incomplete, it is due to lack of footage (or incompetence, your choice).

Note #3:  This is a work in progress, I am going to go to bed, I will finish tomorrow and also post the new elimination thread for episode #2.

Phil in LA, the gateway to porn  :-[(thank god for LA), leading us to the starting point of this season the Playboy Mansion (Slowhatch & Kogs, and I wonder how they figured it out so quick….. :whips) where 11 teams, 11 legs (damn you CBS, damn you to HELL) will race around the world.  8 will be discarded like yesterday’s news.  The first one to cross the finish line will win 1 million dollars. 

Ready, Set…(where’s the eye brow Phil)….Go.

Teams rush to their packs and open the first clue, that directs them to Shannon (also known as Shannon Town) Ireland.

Teams must drive provided cars to LAX (You knew that Peach…)

And for the first time ever, it isn’t the first team to a car that is the first one out.  Cars are parked in a row on a one way.

Teams depart (after much honking….) in the following order.
1.  Nicolas & Donald (Grandson & Grandfather)
2.  Azaria  & Hendekea (Brother & Sister)
3.  Ari & Staella (Friends & Coworkers)
4.  Kynt & Vyxsin (Dating)
5.  TK & Rachel (Dating)
6.  Lorena & Jason (Dating)
7.  Marianna & Julia (Sisters)
8.  Nathan & Jennifer (Dating)
9.  Kate & Pat (Married Clergy)
10.  Ronald & Christina (Father & Daughter)
11.  Shana & Jennifer (Friends)

Nicolas & Donald, Ari & Staella, TK & Rachel, and Marianna & Julie all immediate get lost.

Azaria & Hendekea head in the correct direction to the 405, but also get lost.

This puts Lorena & Jason in the lead, followed by Nathan & Jennifer, Kate & Pat, Ronald & Christina, and Shana & Jennifer.

Teams arrive at the airport and park at Park and Fly in the following Order.
1.  Lorena & Jason
2.  Nathan & Jennifer
3.  Kate & Pat
4.  Shana & Jennifer
5.  Ronald & Christina
6.  Azaria & Hendekea
7.  Marianna & Julia
8.  Nicolas & Donald

Teams have two flight options (and of course, Apskip had the flights down before they finished filming this leg). :plane:

First Flight:
British Airways flight 278 departing LAX (per Apskip, and Airwise) 1535 arriving LHR (London Heathrow) 0945 (on the 9th), and connecting to EI 375 departing LHR 1050 arriving in SNN 1210.

Second Flight:
Aer Lingus (I hope) flight 0144 departing LAX 1630 arriving DUB (Dublin, Ireland) 1030 (on the 9th) and connecting with AI 0133 departing DUB 1145 arriving in DUB 1315.

Teams on the British Airlines Flight are:
1.  Lorena & James
2.  Shana & Jennifer
3.  Kate & Pat
4.  Nathan & Jennifer
5.  Marianna & Julia

Teams on Aer Lingus are:
6.  Azaria & Hendekea
7.  Nicolas & Donald
8.  TK & Rachel
9.  Ari & Staella
10.  Kynt & Vyxsin (stated on Mat Chat 10th at Airport to 2cd)
11.  Ronald & Christina

The British Airlines flight is delayed, causing the 2cd flight to arrive in Shannon first at 1242 on the 9th.

Teams get to cabs in the following order:
1.  Ari & Stella
2.  Azaria & Hendekea
3.  Ronald & Christina
4.  Kynt & Vyxsin
5.  Nicolas & Donald

The first flight arrives at 1249

TK & Rachel get revived when they realize they aren’t last.
6.  TK & Rachel
7.  Nathan & Jennifer

Teams must make their way to the Ferry in Rossaveal.  Where they will take the Aran Island Ferries to Inis Mor and find Teampall Bheanain, considered to be the world’s smallest church.  Once there they will sign up for one of three departure times.

Teams arrive at the Ferry Terminal in the following order:
1.  Azari & Hendekea at 1455 the Ferry departs at 1645
2.  Ronald & Christina
3.  Ari & Staella
4.  Kynt & Vyxsin
5.  TK & Rachel
6.  Nicolas & Donald
7.  Nathan & Jennifer
8.  Shana & Jennifer
9.  Lorena & Jason
10.  Marianna & Julia
11.  Kate & Pat

All teams make the ferry and travel to Inis Mor, where they get directions from locals, all but Nicolas & Donald, Marianna & Julia and Ronald & Christina are given accurate directions along the Coast Road.

On the jog to Tempall Bheanain, we get are first couple blowout of the season (Yeah….) between Nathan & Jennifer.

At the Church/Ruin, there are three times available.

Lorena & Jason
TK & Rachel
Kynt & Vyxsin

Ari & Staella
Nathan & Jennifer
Azaria & Hendekea

Shana & Jennifer
Kate & Pat
Marianna & Julia
Nicolas  & Donald
Ronald & Christina

The departure times are for the Ferry back to the main Land where they will find marked cars and get their next clue.

At this stage of the race, we get are first “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do” by Jennifer of Nathan & Jennifer.  And boy I can’t wait until India. :hides

We get are “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”, from Donald.


“We’re screwed” by Jennifer of Shana & Jennifer.  Have you ever watched the show?  You have plenty of chances to improve. :crybabe:

Teams stay the night at Pier House B & B.

July 10th.

The first Ferry departs at 800 and arrives at 855.Teams get to marked cars in the following order.

1.  Lorena & Jason
2.  TK & Rachel
3.  Kynt & Vyxsin

The 2cd Ferry arrives at 920
4.  Ari & Staella
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  Nathan & Jennifer
The 3rd Ferry arrives at 1015
7.  Ronald & Christina
8.  Nicolas & Donald
9.  Kate & Pat
10.  Marianna & Julia
11.  Shana & Jennifer (Not Nathan & Jennifer….)

Teams must drive themselves 42 miles to Cleggan Farm.  Once there they will ride a tandem bicycle along a muddy trail to find their next clue.  This by the way is damn cool.  Look how much Rachel was swaying under TK.

Teams get to the bikes in the following order:
1.  TK & Rachel
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  Nathan & Jennifer
4.  Ari & Staella
5.  Azaria & Hendekea
6.  Lorena & Jason

Teams get to the route marker, and it is a roadblock.
Roadblock – High-Wire Bike
“Whose ready to pedal for their partner?”
In this roadblock the team member must choose 1 of 2 high-wire bicycles and ride it across this wide swept ravine, suspended nearly 200 ft over the Cleggen Bay while their partner is setting 8 ft below along for the ride.

Teams finish the roadblock in the following order (an * denotes who completed the roadblock)
1.  TK* & Rachel
2.  Nathan * & Jennifer
3.  Kynt & Vyxsin*
4.  Azaria* & Hendekea
5.  Ari & Staella*
6.  Lorena & Jason*
7.  Nicholas (* it’s a guess) & Donald
8.  Ronald* & Christina
9.  Marianna* & Julia
10.  Kate* & Pat
11.  Shana & Jennifer (I have no clue)

Teams must now choose a Donkey  :badhorse: from the hitching post and fill each one of its baskets with 15 pieces of peat.  They then must walk their donkey back to the entrance of the farm where they will receive their next clue.

Teams finish the “Donkey Walk” in the following order:
1.  TK & Rachel
2.  Azaria & Hendekea
3.  Kynt & Vyxsin
4.  Lorena & Jason
5.  Nicolas & Donald
6.  Shana & Jennifer
7.  Kate & Pat
8.  Ronald & Christina
9.  Marianna & Julia
10.  Nathan & Jennifer (who were out trying this for three hours according to Insider Clips)
11.  Team Animal Cruelty :badhorse: :furious: :badhorse:

I couldn't watch all of the Insider Clips (they kept skipping on me).  But if no one said, "My Donkey is broken" or "We got a bad Donkey", then I just quit.

Teams must now drive themselves 13 miles through the Irish Country side to find Connemara Heritage Centre, a tribute to Ireland’s Agricultural past, which is the first Pit Stop of the Race.

Teams check in to the Pit Stop and meet Billy in the following order:

1.  Azaria & Hendekea (who win a shopping spree to Ikea, I kid, a trip to Alberta, Canada.
2.  Kynt & Vyxsin
3.  TK & Rachel
4.  Lorena & Jason
5.  Nicolas & Donald
6.  Shana & Jennifer
7.  Ronald & Christina
8.  Kate & Pat
9.  Marianna & Julia
10.  Nathan & Jennifer
11.  Ari & Staella who are eliminated, turned over to PETA who water board them…..

Team Reports Tomorrow

With actually bitchy attitude from me about teams, and fun team names....

Oh I just love this and thank you for all this hard work mswood! As always :yourock:  :jumpy: --and crack me up  :rotf:

TARAsia Fan:
You rock, mswood!

mswood, an excellent leg 1 report. I would like to suggest the mildest addition to your phrase "suspended nearly 200 ft over the North Atlantic". After "over" I would like you to insert the words "Cleggan Bay,". My geography reseearch indicates that the coastal area Cleggan Farm abuts is called Cleggan Bay.  

Thanks apskip, I will change that this afternoon.


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