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TAR 12's SoCal Racers


Well, we all have heard about the large number of racers from the SoCal Huntington beach area...

But this?

--- Quote ---Not only are most of them from socal, I went to high school with Nathan, Staella, TK, and Rachel…we all graduated in 2001 (TK in 2002) all from Fountain Valley High school. They all know and have known each other well for the past ten years…it’s kinda odd that the AR went with that dynamic, maybe it will make for some interesting situations/rivalries/alliances…maybe not.
--- End quote ---

Shades of when all the Pageant girls knew each other....


Well, damn. If that's the case, I should have went to school down there in SoCal. I would have been recognized and gotten onto television instead of being the bum that I am.


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