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I don't know how much you believe from Wikipedia, but here you go (if it hasn't already been posted):

--- Quote ---Applications are due on November 27, 2007. Semi-finalist interviews are expected to be held in December 2007 and January 2008 and final casting interviews will take place in February 2008, in Los Angeles. Filming is expected to take place around April or May 2008.
--- End quote ---

April and/or May of next year, it states now. It may change in the later months, but keep an eye out on any possible changes.

TARAsia Fan:
Hopefully that's true.

Wiki sucks  :snicker:

I really dispise the PDF file thing, but there is the eligibility requirement thing and the application form.

The eligibility requirement PDF thing says applications must be recieved by November 27 at 8pm EST. Semi-finalist interviews will be sometime in December or January, with the finalist interviews done sometime in or around February. Teams will be gone from anywhere between 30 to 40 days around the timespan of April/May.

This was all taken here:

I wouldn't lie to anyone if I had the choice to do so.

I'm just saying that Wiki isn't trustworthy Mandy not you  :kuss:
For instance there was an entry made that was later deleted that TAR12 goes to Columbia EP3 which we know is not the case. One day I went there and someone had hacked the site with a big ole porno picture  :lol:!


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