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Elimination Station

Mat Chats

The Siblings Success
Kentucky Kids in Shock
The Real Deal
Lorena & Jason's Reassess
Nick's in Charge
Shana & Jennifer's Fine Distinction
Ron's Hope
Pat's Wake Up Call
Happy To Still Be in It
Unkind Words for a Donkey

Web Clips
Nathan & Jennifer Get Ready
The Perfect Time for Prayer
Shana & Jennifer Chow Down
Roll Call by Shana & Jennifer
Lost & Found
Kynt & Vyxsin Lighten Up
A Couple of Kids From Kentucky
A Tough Hill for Hendekea
No Room for Ron & Christina
A Couple of Flats for Ron
Lorena & Jason Talk to Their Driver
Ari & Staella Dish on Pink
Pinkies vs. Gramps
Jennifer Dials Up
Shana & Jennifer's Big Plans
Kynt's Brutal Attack
Siblings Don't See Eye to Eye
Ron & Christina's Secret Weapon
Ari & Staella's Final Words
Marianna & Julia's Motivation
The Hair
Kate & Pat Tell Their Secret
Nathan & Jennifer Hit the Campsite
Ron & Christina Enjoy the View
More Donkey Talk from Jason and TK
Don Tries to Figure it Out


hopefully the cheap ass CBS site actually gets things up

If they don't I will be so pissed.

The clips have a lot of cool things (good and bad) about teams and behaviors.

They cant be downloaded  :groan:

Elimination Station though!!  :yess:


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