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RFF Amazing Race Pick'em *mswood & mcrone wins!!

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If you already played our Amazing Race game then you will not have to register again.

You can register here    -- be warned that your username & password for the forum is not the same for the game unless you choose it to be. If you are registered here and have not registered for the game yet then you will have to register for the game  :crazy

Also I'm trying not to base my questions on spoilers to make things fair but you know that sometimes it can't be helped.

The game will be locked on Sunday Nov 4th 7:55pm ET so get your picks in. Sorry no prizes awarded, just bragging rights for the winner's  :rat?: :carryon:

Everyone is welcomed to play, you don't have to be a member of the forum to play along.

Don't forget to make your picks!

--also I am open for suggestions for future questions  :waves:

Alreayd picked puddin - you better beware, I'M GOING TO WIN AND I'M CALLING IT NOW! .... unless I become enthralled by hot blonds and refuse to understand that they can't come in first every i did last year.... :(

 Good Lord here we go again  :groan: ---its the penis I just know its the penis thing --
--------boobs + blondes = Michael's penis :lol:


to be fair I already don't like these blondes. The tall one scares me. The other girls with brown hair look like bitches, so I'm rooting for the goths! Ask me again tomorrow  :knuckles:


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