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TARAsia Fan:
I love Kate and Pat! One team whose attitude was always positive during the race. I loved their line, "The Amazing Race is a love letter to the planet."

 :congrats: Big congratulations to Kate and Pat! And wishing them much happiness!

I really like that they're the first people who openly worship God and yet realise that He won't help in the race, just because they worship Him.

Honestly, I think that's kind of a misinterpretation of what they meant? I think what they meant was just because they believe in God, it doesn't mean that it is in God's plan for them to win/make it far in the race.

I'm sure God will HELP everyone, regardless whether or not you "worship" him. All you need to do is to seek him. ;)

I was comparing them to people like Cyndi & Russell and Brandon & Nicole, who at various points during the race said something along the lines of 'Yeah, we have a spiritual advantage because of our connections with God' whereas they're like 'God isn't going to make us win, just because we worship Him'.


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