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Kate Lewis and Pat Hendrickson - TAR12

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--- Quote from: Michael D on October 24, 2007, 04:29:03 PM ---The one in the green shirt reminds me of robin williams.

--- End quote ---

shes the love child of robin williams, bill cower, and ed hochuli

Aww leave them alone ! They look like a fun team and have a lot of spirit  :hearts:

Kiwi Jay:
F.Y.I: I actually like them, they look cool, and the 16 year age difference made me laugh too lol. Look we have had gay so why cant we have lesbian and not like them...I do!!

THe comment about time leads me to believe they are out early.  Smart move; the pants that zipp to shorts

Kiwi Jay:
yeah they are out early I think but I like them and it was a smart move


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