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Marianna & Julia
Marianna: Miami, FL
25, Art Gallery Manager

Julia: Miami, FL
26, Production Assistant

These feisty sisters describe themselves as best friends and worst enemies, but they’re convinced they’ll make for an unbeatable Team. Julia serves as the problem solver while Marianna is the athlete. Both are super-competitive and relying on each other may pose some problems.

Marianna claims that the biggest difference between the two sisters is that Julia is emotional while she is as steady as a rock. She describes herself as energetic and sarcastic while Julia describes herself as creative and witty.

Julia is admittedly more sensitive than her sister but is also quick to point out that Marianna doesn't have a sensor button and that at times she can be quite mean. She and her sister have traveled together on numerous occasions and are hoping their experiences will give them an advantage against some of the competition. When asked which Teams they would model their game play after - they both choose past winners BJ and Tyler for their positive energy approach towards the game. As they put it , “Positive energy creates positive results.”

Both sisters will do whatever it takes to advance their standing in the Race, even if it means flirting their way past the competition.

You have to love sisters!! Very pretty girls  :hearts:


Kiwi Jay:

the pic makes them look stuck up


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