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TARAsia Fan:
Ari's a jerk. (:;) (:;)

He needs to stop talking. B:) B:) B:) B:)

Ari says sorry on his MySpace: :lol:

--- Quote ---Hey everyone regarding AMAZING RACE!!!
 ok, first off, i would like to apologize for allllll the mean things i said about all my castmates from the show (amazing race).... and even the stuff i said when i was at elimination staion that everyone can see on , and all the interviews etc. i ammm soooo sorrrryyyy, i was just a bitter person cause staella and i got kicked off realllly early, too early. i want to say thanks again for all the support from EVERYONE (viewers, fans, friends, family, and the GREEKS from all over). anyways.... i hope everyone's still watching and keeping up with the show..... and make sure to check out elimination station as each week passes after the show to see more of staella and i, because there's always something new, fun and exciting that happens in portugual, and even more **** talking i believe, which im soooo sorrrry for i swear...
--- End quote ---

LOL -- i'm so sure he's sorry, all his pre race interviews talk about what a bitch he is LOL

peach ill get back to you on that PM when I get home from school (around 1PM)

TARAsia Fan:
What. Ever.  :knuckles: :knuckles:

Ari is a bitter little hedgehog and will always be.


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