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Ari & Staella
Best Friends
Ari: Long Beach, CA
21, Waiter

Staella: Fountain Valley, CA
24, Restaurant Manager

These fun-loving friends are all about having a good time. They hope that their carefree approach to the Race will result in the $1 million prize.

These Racers met eight years ago and have been best friends ever since. There is rarely a quiet moment when you put them together. Ari works as a server in a restaurant and currently lives with Staella’s family.

Ari is catty and not afraid to speak his mind, while Staella won’t hesitate to flirt her way to the front of the pack. Staella describes herself as honest, trustworthy and caring. She enjoys working out and dancing. Ari describes himself as mean, rude and hilarious and enjoys dancing and talking trash to people.

Look for these two Racers to possibly ruffle some feathers of their fellow competitors while racing around the world but one thing is for certain, they’ll have a blast doing it.

" STAELLA!!!!!!!!"

They remind me of Adam and Rebecca

I was thinking of Aaron and Ariana

She looks just like Megan Linz to me.  :hearts:


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