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Nicolas & Donald
Nicolas: Chicago, IL
23, Pilot

Donald: Elkhorn, WI
68, Retired

Nicolas started his aviation career at the age of 17 at the University of Illinois and currently works as an airline pilot based out of San Juan. He describes himself as reliable, competitive and goofy. He describes his Teammate as rough around the edges and not too excepting of people who go against his advice.

This grandson/grandfather duo believes that Nicolasís traveling expertise will give them a leg up against the other Teams.

Donald has been married for 42 years and has two children. The sparks will undoubtedly fly along the course of the Race as Donald is never shy about telling his grandson what to do. While Nicolas relies on his ability to read maps and quickly navigate computers, Donald relies on old school street smarts and claims to be a jack of all trades.

Regardless of who's calling the shots in the heat of the Race, these two are looking forward to traveling the world together and creating lasting memories.

I love this Grandpa/Grandson dynamic.  I don't know why TAR hasn't done something like this before.


 :hearts: Some Nick & Don love~

Kiwi Jay:
I luv them too!!!!!

THis will be a fan fav if they make it far


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