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They will be arguing, just wonder if it will come out in the first episode

Kiwi Jay:

Hope they'll work together and not fight too much! :lol: 

New Orleanian sets pace in CBS's 'Amazing Race'
Posted by Keith I. Marszalek November 04, 2007 8:31PM
Categories: Amazing Race

The first episode of this season's "Amazing Race" wrapped up Sunday evening with New Orleanian Azaria Azene, (and his half-sister Hendekea Azene, a resident of Torrance, Calif.) finishing in first place.
The episode had the would-be globetrotters jumping across the pond and trekking through southern Ireland. A very cooperative donkey proved to be the key to the team's victory.

"The Amazing Race" is a reality game show on CBS, now in its 12th season. 11 teams follow clues around the world, racing towards prearranged pit stops, hoping not to arrive last, and thereby being eliminated. The episodes air Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

i love this team Go Azaria&Hendekea  :yess: i hope they go fur on this race i will love to see them in the finale

frist team at the pitstop  :wohoo:


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