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Azaria & Hendekea
Azaria: New Orleans, LA
27, Facilities Engineer

Hendekea: Torrance, CA
23, Aerospace Engineer

This brother-sister Team has all the intelligence, wits and skills to win the Race, although their personality differences could be the X factor. She describes him as confrontational and emotional, while he describes her as irrational. Both are worried that the big brother/little sister power struggle will rear its ugly head during the Race.

Azaria lives in New Orleans where he works as a facilities engineer for offshore platforms. He enjoys playing sports, poker and building things. Azaria claims that the biggest difference between the two is he doesn’t shy away from strenuous labor, while she is quite dainty. Hendekea moved to California several years ago and currently works as an aerospace engineer. She claims that he picked on her in high school, but now believes it was more of “a love/hate relationship.” She describes herself as intelligent and honest.

These siblings just might have what it takes to carry them across the finish line, but they’ll need to work together in order to reach that line.

Michael was right! Brother & sister  :hearts:

I thought twins, but close enough.


Kiwi Jay:
I thought Bro and Sis when I saw the vidcap


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