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Kiwi Jay:

Cute couple! :)


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Eye Candy...both of'em! Hope they're as nice as they look!

TARAsia Fan:
Let me be the first to say is that I hope they're the second ones out after the Shana & Jennifer. *ducking*

'Amazing Race' duo squeaks by

How do you force a donkey up a hill? That was the quandary facing Jennifer Parker and her boyfriend, Nathan Hagstrom, in “The Amazing Race” reality show. Its 12th installment debuted Sunday evening on CBS.

The former San Diegan and her race partner were in second place among the 11 teams until all the other teams, except one, passed by them (and their donkey) to reach the designated destination. The team that finished last (about 20 minutes behind Jennifer and Nathan) was eliminated.

Parker, who attended elementary school in Del Mar and junior high in Solana Beach, is a senior at Cal State Long Beach. As a gymnast, and as a dancer for the L.A. Clippers basketball team last season, Jennifer is in great condition; nevertheless, she said the cross-continent race was much more difficult and stressful than it looks.
“It's really frustrating and hard to keep your cool. I should have closed my mouth a couple of times,” she says, “but I didn't do this to be famous.” She found the trek so eye-opening that she wouldn't hesitate to accept the challenge again.

Contestants are sworn to secrecy about the outcome of the pretaped show, but Jennifer and Nathan are still dating.

“They both said this strengthened their relationship in more ways than one,” says Jennifer's mom, Linda Parker, who lives in Mission Valley and manages a silk-screening company in Escondido.

As for budging the donkey, they finally did it with brute strength. Jennifer pulled as Nathan pushed from behind for about a mile. It took them four hours.


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