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Changes resulting from episode 3 have been incorporated into this latest Timeline:

1. 8th LAX to DUB  EI144 1630 to 1030(July 9), July 9th DUB to SNN EI133 1145 to 1230 or EI125 1300 to 1345 OR BA278 LAX to LHR 1535 0945(July 9)  EI375 1050 1210

2. 11 SNN to DUB EI132 0700 0745, conecting with either EI604 DUB AMS 0940 1215 or EI606 DUB AMS 1120 1355
OR SNN LHR EI372 0845 1005 connecting with BA434 LHR AMS 1135 1350

3. 13 AMS to CDG many  Air France choices:  8227 0645 0805; 8223 0725 0850; 8229 0800 0930; 1141 0850 1005; 1241 0930 1045; 8233 1210 1330; 1641 1340 1455
CDG to OUA (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) AF732  1100 to 1635
14 OUA to Bingo by rail; tasks and pitstop

4. 14 or 15 Bingo to OUA by road.
either fly OUA ABJ 2J 322 0800 0930 or VU815  1440 1610
or fly OUA BKO 2J 338 1345 1505
or something within Burkina Faso
for all options, end in TBC since it didn't happen for leg 3

15 OUA to CDG AF731  2130 0610 +1

5. 16 CDG to FLR AF5038 0720 0915 or one of 5 later flights CDG FLR
6. 18 REST DAY
There is newly revived thinking that says that the arrival must be on July 19. If so, then here are 3 different ways to get teams there:

18 FLR MXP AZ1695 1725 1815
MXP ZAG AZ544 2100 2230, with overnight in the Zagreb airport area, then
19 ZAG DVB OU660 0930 1025

19 FLR VIE OS536  0700 0930
VIE DBV OS721 1315 1425

19 FLR FRA LH4067  0655 0840
FRA ZAG  OU417  0930 1050
ZAG DBV OU662  1445 1540
This corresponds better with the sighted arrival of the several teams.

7. 20 DBV to VNO OU418 0700 0900 LH 3252 1100 1400  OR X3 418 0945 1145 BT224 1325 1630

8. 22 VNO to FRA TE420 1130 1300
FRA DEL LH760 1345 1225 +1
23 DEL JDH IC471 1310 1400  (Note: due to the tightness of this, I expect backup with a charter flight)
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer 3 hours minimum by road

9. 24 Jaisalmer to Jodhpur leave by noon for 3 hours minimum by road
IC472 JDH DEL 1825 1920
25 AI314 DEL KIX 2315 1235+1

10. Osaka tasks afternoon and evening of 25th
11. 26 KIX TPE EG211 1035 1220   or  CX565 1115 1310
Taipei 101 sighting early afternoon on Friday, then leg in Taipei with TBC to avoid having to go below 3 teams
 28 TPE to ANC CI11 0345 0630 (July 28 after crossing the International Date Line)
FINISH LINE on July 29 in either GIRDWOOD or ANCHORAGE in 21 Days

I split your post apskips and I hope you don't mind but, I was just thinking  :umn:  that we need a separate thread to discuss the timeline.

(thanks to Slowhatch)
*"The countries are very exotic," Littman says.
*"We're going to a couple of places that I don't even know where they are on the map. I've had to go look them up."
*The show will will do two fewer episodes and drop the noneliminations to create more excitement.
not confirmed:
**Filming start date was the last week in June in Los Angeles area. Cast and crews left via airplanes between aprox. July 2-3rd
**...originally filming was set to start in another start on July 7th
georgiapeach confirms:
I have been informed that TAR 12 completed filming on or before August 3 -- and yes, I trust this information 100%.

more thoughts on this later

puddin and I were also trying to sort this out and coming up with much the same...

If we are only having 11 legs we have a problem--but mybe TPTB changed their minds? :lol:

A couple of comments:

I feel pretty comfortable in saying Belize was NOT a location: see here:,12521.msg234069.html#msg234069

And Frankfurt has just been identified as TARA 2 and not TAR12 ...

It is always possible that our starting tip re the dates is wrong--and they started a couple of days later, but I do NOT believe LA was the originating city.  But if we assume only one location (start city and first task city) prior to the LAX flight to Ireland, that may help the timeline.

Could Girdwood be the final city? Maybe....but it works so much better from what we know of the tasks there  if that is the next-to-last city.

I would still suspect one other location between BF and Dubrovnik, although I am hoping for NOT Europe and dsomewhere more exotic.

I agree with the need for 2 locations between Dubrovnik and Girdwood.

So now what?? More ideas? I vote for more legs! :lol3: :pull

peach and I were going over this last night and came up with a scenario~

For the timeline to work out, I think my source was guessing here and with good reason that I can't reveal. Anyway we're leaning towards the 7th/8th as the start per Wamgirl

--- Quote ---To add some more details to my TAR spotting in July...We were in the international terminal in LAX on July 8, 2007, at 2 pm PST. I have no idea what airline they were flying or when, but I assume they had awhile, because they weren't flying out of one of the immediate gates around us, and they were wandering around other areas looking for guidebooks and people who would trade euros with them. They did spend a lot of time across the way with a college kid who had a laptop and they were looking things up on it. I was just out of earshot though, so couldn't overhear anything. That's all I have...sorry
--- End quote ---

per puddin   ;D

--- Quote ---not confirmed:
**Filming start date was the last week in June in Los Angeles area. Cast and crews left via airplanes between aprox. July 2-3rd
**...originally filming was set to start in another start on July 7th
--- End quote ---

I still think there is one more city before LAX with a departure date July 3-5...but that's pure speculation.

But after exhaustive work, I can tell you that kogs, Slowhatch and I have found NO evidence that the teams were ever in LA itself--so I still think they were coming from another location and transiting LAX only.

And so far I can also pretty much say that the teams did not use Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Baltimore,  or Boston airports either.

The "other" start may have been a smokescreen and that may have been for Boston. There was a huge surge of spoiler info for Boston in early July with some reservations/car arrangements actually made and cancelled. There is however,  absolutely NO permit evidence for Boston or the highways around the airport. I think this was purely a smokescreen for the actual start city.

While I have not ruled out O'Hare, Chicago itself has also been ruled out.

Note again that (for example) Boston refers ONLY to Boston proper, and does not rule other outlying towns--and the same for all the other locations mentioned.


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