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They were one of our first golden celebrity couple and I think... China Rush was the cause of the split. I think Li-Lin wanted to be near to Allan and decided to move to Shanghai with him, forgoing all her career etc... but I guess it still didn't work out in the end.

Looks like Allan Wu is back :lol:

He put the following in an Instagram post 8 hours ago...

--- Quote ---Got a big announcement coming up soon so look out for it! 😉
--- End quote ---



Wu said he also talked to those who got eliminated at the pit stops, and this year, the audience will get to see these segments.

--- Quote ---“It’s more immersive this time. You can even hear my thoughts about what transpired on that leg. There are very interesting things that have happened on the pit stop mat [in previous seasons], and now you can see that.”

Because of the long gap, fans are especially eager to watch TARA on air again.

Wu agrees: “Not to be boastful, but this is the biggest show in Asia. It is unifying, and [representative of] Asia. It has the competitive element, plus it is a travel show.

“It is such a privilege and honour, and so exciting for me to do this.”
--- End quote ---


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