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Monday, December 03, 2012

Allan Wu Cooks Up A Storm On TV Tonight

Hot Guys Who Cook returns to DIVA Universal (Astro Ch702) tonight at 7pm with three brand new tantalising episodes. This time around, the hotties from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Philippines are competing against each other to wow a mystery judge.

Allan showing off his dish

In tonight's episode, Allan Wu, Paolo Gonzalez and Zain Saidin show off their cooking skills in the kitchen. We recently spoke to Allan, who is known for hosting The Amazing Race Asia, to find out what's cooking in his kitchen...

Is cooking a passion or a necessity for you?

I would say a necessity. I do a lot less now because I have an Ah Ee here who helps me cook when Iím too busy and also my wife really enjoys cooking. Iím really fortunate that she is passionate about cooking. So I cook more out of a necessity.

What dish did you cook for the show?

Itís called Herb Crusted Roasted Chicken. Itís a whole chicken thatís been seasoned with rosemary and thyme, onion and garlic and lemon, on a bed of mash potatoes with a side of salad and homemade vinaigrette dressing. Iíd say itís my signature dish. Itís easy to cook and it caters to a large audience.

You're making me hungry already! Is that your absolute favourite food?

My absolute favourite food will still be Mexican food. I love all types of Mexican food. Itís generally somewhat healthy, colourful. Thereís salsa and guacamole with pork or chicken or beef. Thereís something for everyone. I grew up in the States and always loved Mexican. I wouldnít say itís the most sophisticated type of food but it gets the job done, you know?

Allan in action in the kitchen

Will you return to cook something else on Hot Guys Who Cook?

If they invite me back! Itís pretty funny because a lot of people know me as a certain persona on shows on other TV channels. They are surprised that Iím a talkative, funny, entertaining kind of guy. A big trash talker. I enjoyed myself competing with the other two guys. Thereís eye candy and the contestants are just being natural and having fun. Itís perfect in time for Christmas. Itís educational and entertaining. You can learn a thing or two and you can sit back and relax and watch these guys in a different light.

Whatís next for you?

China bought the rights to Gossip Girl so right now Iím shooting that. I just finished The Amazing Race China, our third season. Weíre getting ready for Season Four. The Amazing Race Asia, I get asked all the time Ė I really do hope it comes back but still no word on it yet.

What is he doing in his shirt... hot guys who can cook should cook shirtless, IMO. :cmaslol

Here is another article as well!

ĎHot Guys Who Cookí just got hotter

By MST Entertainment | Posted on Dec. 12, 2012 at 6:00pm | 97 views

Hot, sweet and yummyÖ oh, and the dishes they cook arenít bad either. Every Monday, at 7 p.m., DIVA Universal serves up a fresh new batch of hotties that know their way around a kitchenóand to a womanís heart. Now in its second sizzling season, this original series gets hotter as the gorgeous men from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines crank up the competition in the kitchen to whip up a meal that would sweep you off your feet.

Allan Wu

Known for his dare devil and adventurous ways on Fear Factor, The Amazing Race Asia, and The Amazing Race China Rush, actor and TV host Allan Wu wants you to know that heís fearsome in the kitchen too. Heís been pitching in the kitchen now that heís a father of two and living in Shanghai, China. Heís come a long way since his days at Berkeley and presenting for MTV Taiwan. Always fun-loving and bold, this Asian action hero promises to bring it and outplay his competitors to win over the mystery judge with his wholesome chicken surprise.

He can cook for ME anytime!! :flirt:


Singapore celebrity couple Allan Wu, Wong Li-Lin file for divorce
By Jeffrey Oon

Singapore celebrity couple Allan Wu and Wong Li-Lin are splitting up after nine years of marriage.

A media statement by their artiste management company Fly Entertainment late on Thursday said the couple "reached a mutual decision to get divorced".

read more here:


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