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Childhood Friends      
Member 1             
Name:       Paula Taylor
Occupation: Actress/ VJ/ Model
Age: 24
Hometown: Thailand

Member 2             
Name: Natasha Monks
Occupation: Public Relations/ Brand Consultant
Age: 24
Hometown: Thailand

One works as a VJ in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a rising, hot starlet, having appeared in several Thai movies since 2002. The other is more than likely a sight for sore eyes at the mining company where she works at, dealing with, well, explosives. What Paula Taylor and Natasha Monks have in common, besides turning 24 this year and in possession of sizzling good looks, is a lifetime of friendship and the intent to win The Amazing Race Asia.

What sets these two girls apart from the millions of The Amazing Race fans around the world is that they are more than just armchair fans who point to the goggle box and say they can do better if given half the chance. Instead, they grasped the chance and signed up. Says Paula, "Whenever we watch it, it's one of those things where we go, we can do that. Now we have the chance to prove it to people."

Born three months apart, the two best buddies were clearly destined to be more than mere friends. Both their mothers were best friends so it was no surprise that both girls grew up close to one another each other. Even when the girls got separated when their families started shuttling between Thailand and Australia, their friendship held strong across the seas.

One reason for that is because both are the easy going sort. "We get along with others easily and are always happy. Plus we react to situations the same way," notes Paula. In fact, both say they are soul mates, having gone through life together and always doing things the same way. And these childhood gal-pals are quick to point out too that their mutual love for travel and meeting new people would be their edge in The Amazing Race Asia. "It's always fun meeting new people where ever they're from because people are only foreign until you get to know them," says Natasha, a self- described single girl who is happy "playing the field". Even Paula says her friend reminds her of Samantha Jones, from TV series, Sex and the City.

And Paula is more than willing to let her outgoing friend take on the lead during the race. Paula notes, "Natasha finds it easy to talk to new people whereas I'm more reserved and shy."

But not so shy to want to prove to her viewers back home what she is capable off, which is one of the reasons why she took part. "Being a public figure I have a certain image that people assume of me so I would like to add another dimension to 'Paula Taylor'."

Natasha is also more than happy to rise to the defense of her friend. "Paula is a lot more girly than me and everyone loves her for some reason. You put up with it because she has a pretty smile."

And should the girls do something mean for the race, though both won't admit to planning anything, it will be up to Paula to save the day. Noting with a sly smile, "If we ever do anything mean, I'll make sure we'll smile the whole time," adds Paula.

And if nothing else works? "Well, we're very fun people. And we will entertain you!" she promises.

Connecting flight: Childhood Friends
Country of origin: Thailand
Declaration form: Both 24, childhood BFFs Paula and Taylor are a sight for sore eyes. Paula works as a VJ and movie actress in Bangkok. Natasha, a self-described "single girl" who likes "playing the field," works for a mining company where she deals with, uh, explosives.


I was surfing around and saw her on the front cover of a DVD.
我家乐翻天 The.Little.Comedian.2010.DVD-CoWRY

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