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Married 13 Years      
Member 1             
Name       :       Henry Reed
Occupation       :       Retired US Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer
Age       :       48
Hometown       :       Philippines

Member 2             
Name       :       Terri Reed
Occupation       :       Housewife
Age       :       44
Hometown       :       Philippines

When it comes to the discipline, dedication and effort placed in getting things done, nothing prepares you quite like the military and after over 20 years of serving his country, retired United States Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Henry Reed, together with his wife, Terri, is taking all he knows about travelling around the world and putting them into competing in The Amazing Race Asia.

"After 20 years in the military, traveling does not scare me but provides a refreshing adrenaline rush," explains the 48 year old American, who is now residing in the Philippines with his Filipino wife of 13 years, Terri.

His intention is to use the race as a backdrop to spend some quality time with his wife while learning about different parts of the world. Of course, the prize money is an added bonus should they win.

A fitness fanatic who has been shot off an aircraft carrier (this is something you have to check with him), ridden a bicycle at over 100 kilometers per hour and played his favorite sport of lacrosse in sold out venues, this adrenaline junkie is hoping the race will bring him a new level of excitement that would match, if not surpass his expectations.

But don't let the tough guy exterior fool you because he admits to be extremely gullible and trusting and does not like it when people take advantage of it. On the other hand, Mrs. Reed just wants to have some quality time with her husband, who she feels has been neglecting her recently.

"I want to have a chance again to be with my husband against the world," says Terri, 44, who is hoping that the travel adventure will rekindle the spark they once shared.

And watching them together, it is not hard to see why these two, as Henry puts it, are "borderline dysfunctional". Before anything happens, they talk, and then they argue, then smile, laugh and talk, then argue again. After that, the cycle repeats itself.

Their game plan for the race even has something to do with the ability that Terri has, which Henry seems to have been subjected to a lot of over the years.

"One of my wife's biggest strengths is the ability to influence people and get them to do what she wants while having them believe they are doing what they want," he says as a matter of fact.

"We'll also try and make sure our opponents believe that we are a lot nicer and likeable than we really are. Make no mistake, this is a race and we plan to destroy our competitors one by one by any legal means necessary," he promises.


Fire and ice

By Paolo R. Reyes

MANILA, Philippines'They may have been mistaken as 'Team Africa' by one of the clueless Malaysian contestants, but retired US Navy senior officer Henry Reed, 48, and his strong-willed Filipina wife of 13 years, Terri, 44, are as Pinoy as they come ' minus the modest, passive-aggressive personality, that is.

Super sat down with the outspoken husband-wife tandem and grilled them for a full disclosure. (Well, almost. We don't want them to incur the $5 million penalty that's cemented in their contract.) One thing's for sure, these hard-nosed competitors are bound to generate some seismic shockwaves over the boob tube.

What made you decide to join the race?

Terri: It was my idea. I loved watching the show. So I asked Henry if we could. He asked me, 'Give me 10 reasons why we should?' I was up till 3 a.m. thinking. Then I got out of bed, grabbed a piece of paper, and wrote down: 'P5 million. P5 million. P5 million '' There were 5 million reasons!

Did you have any kind of alliance with Marc and Rovi?

Terri: NO!!! No, no, no. That's all I can say. And that you're not going to be disappointed with the Philippine teams this season.

Henry: Alliances really don't work. It's such an individual thing. Unlike in 'Survivor,' you don't need anybody else for this game.

Did things get really nasty between the teams?

Terri: You'll have to wait and see. But it got real nasty between me and Henry.

Henry: In our normal, everyday life, we fight a lot. That is the reality of it. [laughs]

Do you think you'll be portrayed differently after the final edit?

Terri: I really don't think so. You better agree with me, Henry!

Henry: It's real fire, believe me. The only way they could change what really happened, through editing, would be to make us look boring and lovey-dovey.

Terri: I don't think they'll be able to find that kind of footage.

Henry: If they could stretch about 38 to 39 seconds of lovey-dovey moments, then hats off to them. There's too much fire there! [laughs]

What was your edge over the other teams?

Henry: I guess being mature and being together for so long. I think we're the oldest team.

Terri: Please. Don't remind them!

Henry: When I was in the military, we traveled around the world. I trusted her to read maps and give me directions. She's pretty industrious. When she's focused, nothing is going to stop her. When we were in New York, she had to get some major dental work. The doctor told her she couldn't eat meat for two weeks and she can't talk for two days. On the way out of the doctor's office, she's already yakking 'take me to Sizzlers to have a steak!' She don't listen to anybody, and she's always right.

How was your marriage after the race?

Terri: Same thing. Lucky 13. But we promised each other that after 49 years of marriage, he'll have his 'one minute' ' a minute when he can have his peace and I cannot say a single word.

Henry: For one minute she can just shut the hell up. She can't talk to me. She can't yell at me. She's just going to leave me alone for 60 seconds. I don't think she's going to be able to do it. It ain't gonna happen! [laughs]

It is sad that I am the first to post here, because I am announcing why my former favorite team is likely to be eliminated soon. Terri's antics in leg 4 indicate that she has more than the feistiness that I had pegged her for. She has a strong desire to be eliminated from ARA2, which will be granted soon. Henry is still my favorite player, but unlike Zach is AR3 the burden of carrying Terri is much greater than the burden of carrying Flo was for Zach.

If I thought ARA2 was in real time and I could send a message to Terri that would alter her behavior, I would do so. However, ARA2 finished in late July so that is not possible. All I can do is hope that Terri saw how serious her behavior in leg 4 was and did whatever she could to correct it.

As an aside to the U.S. Navy, since when was it possible that serious swimming skills were not a requirement for being in the Navy? Maybe not on entry, but that ought to be the first thing a Navy recruit is taught.

Terri, you are a MAD COW !!!!! B:) :pull :meow: :neener: :'(

I agree with askip.  Any other teammate would have dumped Terri the moment she goes on her screamfest. I don't care whether she has "a low self-esteem," it's not right to take it out on your race partner. I hope that Terri was able to view her performance and see how she acted. Perhaps she will see what an ugly scene she created with her tirades.


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