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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on September 29, 2007, 07:52:32 PM ---We are delighted that Sophie, one of the TARA 2 racers, will be joining us for this upcoming season!

Sophie is on our right:

She will be sharing some video diaries and comments with us about her experiences and hopes for the future!

From her webpage:

--- Quote ---Taking up cinema studies, filmmaking, screenwriting, Sophie studied and worked in Melbourne and Sydney for several years. Life was jam packed with film screenings, parties, or a good book. Life out of the city, she worked with kids, aboriginal communities, trained in rope courses, bush survival and even extreme sports such as rock-climbing. Travel explorations have also taken her on documentary shoots around the world in 2005 for the Discovery International Network, both as talent and filmmaker. Now living in Hong Kong, Sophie continues to write, host and explore new ideas from new inspirations.
--- End quote ---

She is from Singapore but will be representing Hong Kong in TARA 2.

Sophie was  originally scheduled to race with her friend Allan.  Please watch the second video diary..... Sophie: This is my acknowledgement and tribute to Allan because he went through a lot for me, for the race.... until he really had no choice but to pull out.

Sophie's webpage:

--- End quote ---

I wanted to post my audition clip with allan here because I really, really miss him and I want to acknowledge the things he did for me, for the race.... until the very end when he really had to pull out.....


This is my tribute to him..... to our friendship.....

It's so strange how people can cross paths ... ... I've met one of my best friends from my first show. If not for that, I would have never met her........
She's a really good filmmaker/ editor, I hope to work with her one day!

This is Olga and her cutiest little boy.... Kenric.... he's 7 months old.....half Russian, half Aussie!!!
They live on the Gold Coast, Australia now. I can't wait to see them when I visit for Christmas... or New Year's.....

Olga is worried about me because I had to quit my job for the race..... so she wants me to get a good job as a Christmas present to her!!! hehehhehehehe
I told her I'm working on it..... but finally I can tell her about the show and she thinks I'm CRAZY to do another reality show... because she won't do it again, I don't think hhahahhhaaa


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But here it is first..... it's a couple of my conservation campaigns that I've published in Hong Kong. The SPCA one is a 'reminder' campaign about responsibilities of having a pet because animals are not toys, they are cute when they are small, but they grow up. So the concept uses real animals but retouched with toy parts to look like a toy. It was published almost every week in HK magazine for more than a year from 2005, and sometimes still used even today. It's a real problem especially in HK because the houses are so small, so pets are often abandoned or abused when they get bigger. Then they are caught and sent to the SPCA, who can only do so much to help these animals get adoptedThe one for WWF is an ongoing campaign for marine conservation around the waters of Hong Kong. It was published as poster ads in the MTR stations all around the islands. I love to dive so this campaign is also very close to my heart. And I also got to be the illustrator on this one. I miss drawing..... so I drew the turtle... took me hours. But it was 10 posters in total, so we had to get other illustrators onboard and they did it all for a good cause.

I used to work as an outdoor instructor when I was living in Oz..... I love being with kids. I took groups of kids hiking, canoeing, abseiling and learnt some aboriginal dances, it was one of the best, carefree times of my life!!! Sometimes I'm more patient with kids than I am with adults because they just bring me so much joy!!!  They are truthful, they tell you how they feel and they show it when they really like you..... I also loved living in the bush!!! No mobiles, no TV, no internet..... takes you back to the bare basics in life and reminds me of what is most important and precious. The outdoors make me the happiest and most free!!!! And I LOVE extreme sports!!! The more crazy the better!!! Heights, sky-diving.... whatever!!!

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Hi Sophie! :dancer:

Cutest baby ever!

What can you tell us about your first reality show? Was that the Discovery Channel Reel Race 2? Docu-dramas?

And do you want to tell us about your monkey?  ;D

And wow--a woman of many talents! Love the turtle too!

Sounds like the race would hold no fears for you--diving, sky-diving. rock-climbing...

What took you to Hong Kong from Singapore?


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