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Sophie i'm reading through alot of things you/your workmates posted on facebook by your group.. very amazing work... helping other people! I hope I can help one day! I'm a Singaporean too Sophie!

Just a random question.. are you still friends/on speaking term with Aurelia??

if you weren't so mean to Aurelia, maybe your team would have lasted longer...

Let's just say it was a two way street and leave it at that? :lol:

Any team may have conflicts...editing can make us "see" anything, but does not always reflect the reality...

Hi Peaches,

What a crazy long time it's been! Just read the last mean post by redskevin88.
I don't think I was ever mean to anyone in my life who didn't do something wrong to me. I believe in standing up for myself and pushing through hard times. And not caving in to bad circumstances because I'm being judged by others.

Peaches, thanks for being so nice to me as always!



I'm just shocked at the number of views my blog section has gotten.
Hope you have been very well and living life the last 2 years! I've achieved a few of my life goals especially last year but it took a long time, and I'm still pursuing my dreams...



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