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It is Realisophie! TARA 2 Racer

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Sophie Diaries next.....

Ep 3: A bizarre cab ride in Singapore

Its no longer there Sophie  :'(

TARAsia Fan:
This is Sophie's third video. Strange cab ride.

And nice to meet you, Sophie. Best of luck to you.   :waves: :waves: :waves: :waves:

Nice website, too. :tup: :tup: :tup:

Hi everyone,

Oh thanks TARasia fan..... I was just about to send the link hahhahaha.....

You beat me to it.... *wink wink

I hope the video quality is better with this hard to work within 100MB to upload


I just came back to Hong Kong late last night mailbox was stuffed and I finally received my official PETA package. 


I'm going to start working with them on upcoming projects being their PETA Asian spokesperson ...........
And I have a t-shirt from them. I've actually fallen very, very ill with fever and cough now from the Singapore heat and eating too much chilli-based local food. So I'll get my act together and take a picture with my lovely PETA t-shirt very soon!!!!

If you don't already know their website, it's

TARAsia Fan:
I'm fast. And I'm good. Hmmmm. That can be taken many ways...

Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of you down the road.


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