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We are delighted that Sophie, one of the TARA 2 racers, will be joining us for this upcoming season!

She will be sharing some video diaries and comments with us about her experiences and hopes for the future!

From her webpage:

--- Quote ---Taking up cinema studies, filmmaking, screenwriting, Sophie studied and worked in Melbourne and Sydney for several years. Life was jam packed with film screenings, parties, or a good book. Life out of the city, she worked with kids, aboriginal communities, trained in rope courses, bush survival and even extreme sports such as rock-climbing. Travel explorations have also taken her on documentary shoots around the world in 2005 for the Discovery International Network, both as talent and filmmaker. Now living in Hong Kong, Sophie continues to write, host and explore new ideas from new inspirations.
--- End quote ---

She is from Singapore but will be representing Hong Kong in TARA 2.

Sophie was  originally scheduled to race with her friend Allan.  But when he was unable to be in the race, Sophie paired up with her former roommate Aurelia.

How did they do? Stay tuned!   

Sophie's webpage:

Here is the first of Sophie's video diaries:

And here is her second video diary, which features her audition tape with her planned original partner Allan.

Please join us in welcoming Sophie to the forum!


Please understand however, that she will be unable to answer questions regarding the race itself or its outcome until TARA 2 has finished airing.

Hi everyone

Haahhaah....  I have this idea about doing video diaries of my journey after the show. Someone has even given me the challenge of making my dream come true in 100 days.....hahhahahha.....

Well I don't know about that.....

So I want to ask for all your help to get hits on my video diaries and share them with your friends around the world.
The more hits I can get, perhaps the more chances I'll get to make my dream of becoming a tv presenter come true. 

So hopefully you'll all keep up with my diary entries over time!!!

 :hearts:    :hearts:     :hearts:      :hearts:      :hearts:


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