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Anyone watch this? I thought it was on cable, and ours does not work right now and I just found out that its on regular tv :lol: I know Taylor Swift was on it from a bulletin she made (never heard of it until then).

And someone told me that someone related to Terry Bradshaw (Steelers player) was on it!!! So anyone know what its about? Its just a singing show I know that much haha.

i agree. now that it's on NBC it's going to be better than ever before. i've seen videos from some of this season's contestants and they're REALLY good. can't wait to watch the premiere this monday!!

These were two shows I thought, Nashville was on Fox - am I wrong there and it was cancelled after like 2 episodes. But I do watch Nashville Star now that its on NBC.

Who are your faves? My early picks are Ashlee (sp) and I like Coffey to. And the other guy, ummm yeah!!!

I was a Charley fan as well :'(


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