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Big Bang Theory?


Anyone plan on watching this? I thought about it, since According to Jim won't be on anymore, I need *something* to replace it :lol3:

From the previews it looks funny, but I dunno how long I can put up with the guys. I liked Two and a half men at first but then it just got on my nerves. I think im just weird cause everyone LOVES that show that I know.

I screened the pilot a month ago, and loved it.  I'll be watching this after Dancing with the stars.

I'm watching it. But after this week I will be watching Chuck instead. I already saw the pilot of that show, so I am watching Big Bang Theory instead.

I watched it and it was kinda funny!

I admit though, I still say those guys are making up words :lol:

Anyone know if this show was put on hold cause of the writers strike? There haven't been any new episodes for a LONG time.


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