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Jessica and Eric BB8 Petition to be on AR

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I just saw a petition on Jessicas myspace for them to be on TAR. Think it would happen? I could handle Jessica but not Eric :lol3:

i just don't see it happening....lets petition for some NEW people to be on Reality TV, and not the same old re-hashed people all the time. This is the one problem with Reality TV, we always want to see people we already know. Lets get some new ones on there!!

Just MHO


I am with you 100%, ROB. There have been far too many retreads from Survivor and Big Bother on the Amazing Race already. I do not want to see any more AND I don't want too see celebrities either. Fresh new faces, that's the way to go in TAR casting. Maybe an occasional Amazing Race graduates race; let's just be more realistic and not call it All-Stars when it occurs in the future. I would love to see Tammy and Bill Gaghan again and particularly Colin and Christie. There were many other worthy past teams that got left out of AR11 beacuse they were judged not as interesting as the ones selected.

I agree Rob. But look at Rob and Amber. Survivor, TAR. They were popular (exactly why CBS has season 7 of Amazing Race out before seasons 2-6) because everyone would buy it for Rob and Amber. I think that if it were Janelle, there was talk about her doing it with Nick but even if he did it with Daniele. I agree CBS needs to go FIND people for these things but this is how they get people to watch. I know someone who never watched Amazing Race, until Rob and Amber were on it :rolleyes:

Obviously I don't like Eric and even if I *did* think that petitions worked I know I still wouldn't sign it.

I think that CBS needs to stop casting models for their reality shows and start casting real guys and girls! I think that's what the problem is. It's either "too many people from other CBS reality shows" or "too many models". If someone got the nerve to write to say "well, why don't we get a bunch of normal American citizens and have them go from exotic location to exotic locale" or something like that, I would watch more. But since it's a bunch of skinny, beautiful people, the entire point is worthless.

I'm sorry for ranting, but I needed to get this off of my chest. I'm sure CBS doesn't care what I personally think, so they'll go ahead and recruit someone from either Survivor or Big Brother, added in with a few teams of models just to squeeze in "drama".


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