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CBS's fall ratings

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--- Quote from: mswood on September 25, 2007, 09:11:49 AM ---Kogs

Yeah, that does hurt the lineup, but CBS went last fall agains't that same NBC football, and performed accross the board much better.

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thats true, i guess tar really did help cbs in more ways than they think

There is a huge difference between NBC Sunday night football games in 2006 and NBC Sunday night footall games in 2007. It is vastly higher quality games, with important rivalries and winning teams in most of the slots. For example, the annual grudge match between the Eagles and the Giants is on this coming Sunday night. It is sure to be smash-mouth football and will draw high ratings as long as the game is close. NBC somehow (and I will guess that large quantities of money had something to do with it) got the NFL to tilt the schedule in favor of NBC. Competing against Sunday night football is not going to be fun for any of the other networks.

While I do agree, Apskip, that the teams playing are more interesting games.  Its still getting close to the same ratings as last year.

But Monday Night Football on ABC went through the same type of thing.

For most all the years the schedule was made in advance with no real concern to making the matchups worth while.  It wasn't until near teh end of their last contract taht they allowed some flexability in the schedule to hopefully deliver more interesting matchups.

Final numbers are out for Sunday's lineup and Cold Case imporved with final numbers to 12.7 million, Shark was down slightly to 11.42 million, and The POwer of Ten was down to 7.11 million. :yess: :lol3:

Now there was one factor that was probably more important then Football to CBS lineup (especially since there was football last year).

PBS (Yes, I just typed PBS) had a special about WWII survivors that got 15 million viewers.  Yes 15 million viewers.

So while the night was down significantly and even more so at 8pm (nearly 30 pecent), and even more so in teh key money making demo of adults (nearly 50%).

With a 1.6 rating in adults, that number is something that Smallville can get on the CW, with a total audience of 4 plus million viewers.  If that continues then the 8pm hour is dead.

Fox has the first unofficial casuality of the new year.  As Friday's Nashville (Hell, I never even heard of it) has been put on hiatus.

I was so hoping it would be a CBS show.  Oh well, I expect several poor starts from CBS shows this season.


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