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CBS's fall ratings

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Well CBS had an okay (though down) Tuesday in teh ratings.

But for us AR Fans the 2cd episode of Kid Nation aired Wednesday and it fell.

Kid Nation
7.62 million total viewers
2.8 in adults 18-49

This is a decline of nearly 20 percent in total viewers and a loss of nearly 10 percent in adults 18-49.

Not a good start for this new reality show :lol3:

The only positive it had is that it did score fairly well with the very young.   But that isn't a market that CBS persues.

In all honesty, CBS might be smart to cut its loss and send this program to the CW where its demo's would fit closer to the target demo of that Network.

CBS much maligned "Moonlight" debut last night.  And as a night CBS was down nearly 20 percent from last season, but Moonlight actually matched the ratings of the rest of the night.

8.62 total viewers
2.5 for adults 18-49.

I had really hoped for a worse performance from this show.  Or more importantly I had hoped that it would perform worse then the rest of the night.

Last season each of CBS shows opened with 11 plus million viewers.  This year each managed 8.6 to 9.3 million.

So as long as it matches the other shows it will be safe. :'(

Thought this was an interesting take on the breakdown for the Kid Nation ratings:

"One of the top shows among 2-11 with a 1.8 rating"

--- Quote ---“Nation” is averaging a 1.8 kids 2-11 rating through two outings, or more than double what CBS averaged last week, the week ended Sept. 23, in that demographic.
The show, about a group of kids who forge their own society without any grown-ups, handily won its Wednesday 8 p.m. timeslot last week with a 1.9 rating, even outdrawing the CW’s young-skewing “America’s Next Top Model.”

This week’s second showing dipped 16 percent from the opener to a 1.6 in that demo, but that came against a special edition of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” by far the night’s top-rated show in the demographic.
--- End quote ---


Yeah, Peach.

The studios put out press releases (usually 5 times a week) to give "spin" on the performance of their shows.

For example, ABC put ot one saying how Grey's Anatomy was the hgihest rate show in adults 18-49.  But they don't mention that it lost 20 plus percent from last year and nearly 5 million viewers from last year where it was the most watched in total viewers as well.

And the only bright spot on the performance of Kid Nation is how well its playing to the very young.

But unforunately for the network, that isn't a demographic that they seek out or one that has crossover appeal to other CBS programming.   CBS has the oldest viewing audience of all the networks.

Now in all honesty, since CBS and CW share ownership, and the CW skews younger then any of the networks.  Kid Nation would be a healthy addition to that network.

It would of course lose viewers, but it would probably be considered a success on the CW with aneven lower audience.

Also to be fair, there are two adjustments this year to ratings.

One is that they expanded the number of possible viewers (up nearly 2 million)

And they have announced the rate of last years average DVR use and this years adjustment.  In other words each Neilson box now represents more people.

Last year it was averaged that 8.54 percent of people used DVR's to watch shows within the first 3 days of a shows broadcast.  This year it is averaged that 19% of people will watch shows on DVR's within the first three days.

The networks (as apposed to the viewers) do get this information.

Typically shows that hit a younger audience use DVRs more.

So out of the networks the typical CBS viewer would be statistically less likely to be watching those programs on a DVR opposed to watching it on live broadcast.


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