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CBS's fall ratings

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Well since many of us are hoping for an earlier then announced start to season 12 (with of course the hopes for a season 13 this year as well).

I thought I would start to post the ratings (success and failure :yess: )of CBS programming to see if we have any real reason for hope).

Yesterday saw the premiere of Kid Nation.  A show which has had a ton of media exposure.

Its offical ratings (these are final numbers and not fast nationals) were:

Kid Nation
- 9.382 million viewers
- 6.0/10 HH
- 3.1/9 A18-49

For those who don't follow ratings. This is a a decrease from last years show (jericho) whch opened with 11.6 million viewers and a 3.4 in adults/demo.

Media anaylist consider it a modest opening.  And disappointing when you consider that 1, it was heavily promoted and had a lot of media coverage.  And 2, that it opened with ABC and NBC were running reruns still.

It will be curious to see how it performs next week when all 5 networks will be running originals.

To compare it to Amazing Race's two seasons last year.  It scored higher then 4 episodes (all of them All Star episodes).

I will update with stats for all the new shows and just general posts concerning the strength of the rest of its line up.

Well Survivor started its new season on Thursday amid a night primarily of reruns (inlcuding the rest of the CBS scehdule) with 15.12 million viewers and a 4.9 in adults 18-49 and was down 2.3 million in viewers and 25% in the sought after 18-49 demo from last years opening.

But unlike Wednesday's Kid Nation, this could very possible be due to the far, far more popular CSI being in reruns.  There is good chance that this weeks might improve upon that number.

And let the gloating begin.

On a night with only two networks (CBS and FOX) showing their new schecule, CBS fell dramatically from the fall premiere last season.

The two returning series (60 minutes and Cold Case) were both down in both total viewers and adults.

And more important to TAR fans.  The Sumemr game show (that was renewed for extra episodes for the fall) The Power of Ten.

That managed 7.47 million viewers and a 1.7 in adults 18-49.

In comparison to Season 10.  AR managed 9.85 in total viewers and a 3.1 in adults.

All Stars opened to 10.29 and a 3.1 in adults.

Now in AR Case, ALL Stars only managed a 10.1 in total viewer average for its run and a 3.0 in adults.

But Ar season 10 averaged 11.5 million viewers and a rating of 3.9 in adults 3.9.

In fact every episode of Amazing Race last year (season ten and All stars) managed both higher viewer totals and a far, far higher number of viewers in teh adults 18-49.

In fact we have to go back (and this is a maybe, not absolutely for sure) to season 9 when they changed the day and time slot mid season to 10pm to get a rating that low for Amazing Race.

Cold Case was down to 12.3 million viewers (last year it managed 16.27 million viewers) and 3.0 in adults 18-49 (last year opened with 4.1 in adults).  While Shark performed fairly evenly with Cold Case (11.52 total viewers, and 2.7 in adults 18-49).  Without a trace managed far better numbers last year with 17.56 million viewers and a 4.8 in adults

Look for these numbers to slide even further next week as NBC and ABC well role out all new shows.

from now until january sunday night is football night on nbc  :lol:


Yeah, that does hurt the lineup, but CBS went last fall agains't that same NBC football, and performed accross the board much better.


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