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« on: July 23, 2002, 10:20:14 AM »
Why does everyone on the internet think that Bill is the Mole? I don't understand it. Yeah, so he is a littly shady, but SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. I am just almost sure that Dorthy is the Mole, but Bill has lost the most money for the group.


Episode 2: Bill refuses to put on a baby diaper in Lotto Clothes; cost $18,000 (would have doubled the money).

Episode 3: Heather falls off plank without taking a hit in Little John/Little Jane; cost $5000.

Episode 4: Heather takes part in losing Rappelling game; cost $35,000.

Episode 5: Bill can only tread water for eight minutes during Think or Sink; cost $20,000.

Episode 6: Bill eats unauthorized ice cream; group penalized $10,000 (with Darwin and Heather). Heather touches bicycle before Bike Game starts; group penalized $10,000 (with Bill and Darwin).

Episode 7: Bill breaks gnome in Gnome Home game; cost $30,000.

Episode 8: Heather cannot find Katie's father or Dorothy's mother during Relative Disguise; cost $10,000.

Episode 9: Heather screws up Wine Wager; cost $5000.

Total Amount Lost: Bill -- $78,000. Heather -- $65,000.


I am just annoyed that everyone thinks that The Mole is Bill, maybe I am wrong, but I will be VERY VERY shocked if he is the Mole.

However, I don't think that this years Mole is anywhere as good as Kathryn was last year, she was a great Mole I thought! Anyway, she might make an appearance on tonites show according to ABC's website (