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Versacorp loses tonight ......Fired...Ereka Ventrini
--- Quote ---"I will not stop until I win."
--Ereka Vetrini
--- End quote ---

I absolutely love this show (but then I like all Mark Burnett creations).... I love this show because there is never a dull moment amongst them all. They are all business focused, and they will stop at nothing to win over each other. Last night was crazy. And what is up with Amorosa and her "injury"... do you think she is faking it?Is it an act for some reason?

I can't say that I love The Apprentice..but I'm definitley hooked 8)!And Amarosa has to go..I just can't stand her..she is a'll probably win the whole dang thing  :(..

February 26, 2004

When Bill and Katrina came through the door, they were met with cheers and hugs. Most people weren't shy about showing their joy at Tammy's firing. But not everyone was feeling the group love. Troy was cautious and remarked that it was down to nine players. In his words, it was now "game time." And even though Bill had survived the boardroom, he was angry about how both Ereka and Katrina came after him. He promised never to let that happen again.

Donald gathered the teams and showed off a truckload of his branded water, Trump Ice (complete with a picture of Trump on the bottle). Donald then laid out the next task. Each team would be given the chance to distribute Trump Ice. The team that sold the most water in two days would win. The Project Manager of the winning team would then select two team members to accompany the Project Manager on Trump's personal helicopter for a tour of Manhattan. The losing team would meet Trump in the boardroom where someone would be fired. As usual, George and Carolyn would be Donald's eyes and ears.
Protégé picked Heidi as Project Manager. The team was immediately committed to two things: winning and talking about Omarosa behind her back. Amy held nothing back and said in an interview that Omarosa was a "scheming, conniving bitch." Next, the team picked Troy to be their closer, but a few people worried that his country charm wouldn't cut it this time around. Versacorp picked Ereka to be Project Manager, and she and Bill started to butt heads almost immediately. Bill talked about his success distributing cigars, but Ereka thought that they were spending too much time planning and needed to get out there and start selling. Bill felt that his expertise in the area was being purposely ignored.

Even though Bill and Ereka were having problems, the two set out together, approaching restaurants in the area. Ereka's sales pitch seemed to consist only of telling restaurant managers that she was there to create a "buzz" about Trump Ice. One of the managers incredulously asked, "Is that your sales pitch?" Bill looked embarrassed. But at another meeting, after Ereka went nowhere, Bill stepped in. He had run some numbers based on the price at which they could offer Trump Ice and showed the restaurant managers their potential profit. Bill got their attention - and their orders.

Protégé split up into two groups. Troy, Heidi and Kwame had some success, but were frustrated by the fact that many restaurants didn't have the storage space to buy much water. Amy was paired with Omarosa because Heidi felt that Amy could deal with her the best. Heidi didn't have much confidence in Omarosa, saying that she couldn't "sell her way out of a paper bag." Amy might handle working with Omarosa the best, but Omarosa still drove Amy nuts. The two agreed that Omarosa would market and that Amy would deal with the numbers. But at three separate meetings, Omarosa jumped in during the discussion of numbers and offered to sell only a small quantity of cases. While Omarosa apologized each time, from Amy's point of view, Omarosa kept turning potentially large sales into small ones.

There was unrest at Versacorp as well. That night, Nick and Ereka clashed when Ereka asked Nick to research a customer they were going to meet. Nick resented the instructions since he considered himself a master salesman. In fact, Nick said that Ereka telling him how to sell was like someone "telling the Pope how to pray." Well, the next day Nick got his chance. Nick seemed to turn customers off with the hard sell. But he also didn't know what the customers needed. He only knew how many pallets of water he wanted them to buy. Fortunately, Bill jumped in during one meeting and was able to help the customer understand how much money he would save by purchasing Trump Ice.

On their second and final day of the task, Troy had an epiphany. Instead of just looking for a one-time sale, the team should sell several weeks worth of water to each customer. Reenergized, Troy worked well with different customers, adapting to the needs of each. Even the team members who worried about his performance were impressed. On the other hand, Versacorp didn't finish the task on a good note. When the time was up, the team had trouble getting the paperwork together for all of their orders. Ereka was frazzled and lost it in front of Carolyn.

Everyone blew off some steam the night before the task resolution. With the exception of Kwame and Troy who went off to the gym, the teams mingled for a night on the town. There was drinking, dancing, music and a little more drinking. Ereka said that she was ready to "be bad." Amy and Nick rekindled their flirtatious relationship. Amy said that she knew that Nick was into her, but she wasn't so forthcoming about her own feelings, saying that she wasn't sure how she felt about him. But like all good things, the evening came to an end and the next day, the teams met in the boardroom for another sobering session. Donald asked for reports. George said that he was impressed with Protégé, who pulled in more than $6,000 in sales, with Troy as their star. For Troy's part, he graciously credited Amy and Heidi. Carolyn couldn't report such happy news since Versacorp barely broke the $4,000 mark. As part of Protégé's reward, Project Manager Heidi chose Troy and Amy to join her on Trump's private helicopter for a tour of Manhattan. Unfortunately for Versacorp, all they would be seeing is the inside of the boardroom again
In a rare move, Ereka let Bill and Nick know that they were the two people that she'd be bringing in to face Trump for the firing. Bill, still smarting from the last boardroom encounter with Ereka, said that he didn't trust her. Nick was even more aggressive and said that if Ereka started to fling mud at him, he would handle her and she would self-implode. In the boardroom, Trump asked his associates to weigh in. Carolyn was blunt and said that the whole team did poorly. George said that he was disappointed in how little the team seemed to know about their prospective customers. Ereka saw her opening and went for it. She said that she agreed with George and that she had asked Nick to research a potential customer that they were meeting the next day, but that Nick refused. Nick brushed the accusation aside and said that he did eventually look at the company's website, but found no value in it. Then he proclaimed himself a great salesman; however, Trump wasn't buying any. Nick then took a shot at Ereka and said that she blew it by getting flustered in front of the team. Ereka denied the charge and said that the only thing she was doing was fixing Nick's mistakes. Donald had heard enough. After Ereka said she was sending Katrina back up to the suite, Donald sent Bill, Nick and Ereka into the lobby. George thought it was either Nick or Ereka who should be fired. Donald was disappointed with how little rapport Nick seemed to have with his clients. George thought that the way Ereka became unglued was even worse. Donald called the three back in, and, almost immediately, Nick and Ereka started sniping at each other. Bill wisely tried to stay quiet. But Donald called him out and asked Bill who he thought should be fired. It took some prodding, but eventually Bill admitted that he thought that Ereka should be the one to go. Ereka was shocked. Donald said that he had no idea why Nick thought he was such a great salesman. But Donald thought that Ereka did even worse by letting her emotions rule her. He said that Ereka got frazzled at the end of the task and Trump felt that she didn't choose to bring Katrina in now because the two were friends. So, Trump delivered his famous line and Ereka was fired.

Yes, Amorosa is a good bull shi**er.... she knows how to speak instead of what to say and that is what makes her sound smart... She really is an insulting person.....

I love the show.  The tasks given to them have been very interesting.  I can't stand omarosa.  She is a class a bitch and I can't see her winning.  She doesn't listen to instruction and does what she wants.  She would be a good henchman to send in but she doesn't have the qualities to run a corporation for the Trump.  My favourites are Troy (he seems to figure the situation out and get good results) and he gets on with others.  I also like Amy, she seems to have a good business sense.  Bill is my 3rd favourite and the rest can be all fired.!  Brutal aren't I?


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