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'Friday Night Lights' Season 2

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It works for me cause then the kids will be in bed :yess: LOL!! I could just see me thinking it was on at 8 and be freaking out cause I couldn't find it :lol:   

Hey Mama,
I got FNL the first season dvd this week from Amazon!  Yay, now I can see the very beginning.  :yess: I'm gonna try to watch it all before the new season starts.
Got it for a purdy decent price.  They also had Heroes for the same price, but couldn't afford to buy both.

Yay, I have actually watched the whole thing twice now. And 3-5 three times :lol3: I have no life, what can I say!

You have boys to tend to and you have no life??  ???  LOL!!
Wow, you've watched it 3-5 times!  I'd say you are a diehard FNL fan for sure!  :wohoo:  Wish more people at rff were interested in it. 
I can guarantee them if they love great drama, they would get addicted to this show!!  Right Mama? 

Yes, I really do have no life. The kids go to bed between 8-9 and my husband works night so i've become a night owl. Of course there is no good tv on late at night when I actually CAN watch it without being interupted :lol:


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