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'Friday Night Lights' Season 2

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Its on at 9 here, so that would make it 7 MST I thought? UH im so confused lol.

Sorry, my brain is totally fried.

Hi Mama, FNL aired at 8pm here, following Deal or No Deal.  See when it says 8pm CT, that usually means MT will also get it at 8pm.  CT already saw it tho b/c they're an hr ahead of us. At 8pm their time, it's 7pm here.

How did you like the season 2 opener?  I thought it was great, but need to watch my tape.  I had just come home from town, putting groceries away couldn't sit down and watch.

I'll get back to ya later.  I can't stay awake!  :groan:   Up all night...

Rudy  :hugs:

I made a new thread with spoilers cause I was worried some on the east coast might not get to see it before they read the thread.

I liked it, except the Landy/Tyra and the stalker thing. I just I dunno. I could've done without someone being murdered, especially in the very first episode of the second season. I was hoping that her stalker would've gotten caught. Like when she pulled into the police station. I dunno. I do think that her and Landy are kinda cute hehe.

And I really hope that Julie and Matt don't break up. I think that it will be a very weird show if that were to happen. Ya know?

Oh and I really can not stand the new coach. :rolleyes:


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