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Episode Detail: A Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter - Survivor: China
The 15th edition of the reality series strands 16 castaways in China's Jiangxi Province. Initially, everyone comes together in Shanghai before attending a Buddhist ceremony in HuangPu Mountain's Mi Tuo Temple. Next, the contestants are split into two tribes (Fei Long, Zhan Hu) and marooned on two islands on Zhelin Lake. Jeff Probst is the host. 

SURVIVOR: CHINA will feature a cast of 16 Americans who will begin the series amid the bustle of downtown Shanghai before moving to HuangPu Mountain's Mi Tuo Temple for a Buddhist ceremony where they will be instructed to leave all of their worldly possessions behind. The castaways will then be marooned with the clothes on their back at two separate islands on Zhelin Lake (translation:  the Land of 1,000 Lakes) located in the Jiangxi Province.  They will split into two tribes, Fei Long (translation: Flying Dragon) and Zhan Hu (translation:  Fighting Tiger), and will each be given a copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War for tribe motivation and assistance throughout the game.

First boot

First meltdown

TDT Spoilers EP1
IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Chinese dragon race - Winner = Fei Long
BOOT: Zhan Hu chokes their Chicken

Thanks for posting puddin.... I guess Chicken is too bossy.

Survivor: China - Temple Show Clip  :)

First meltdown


test, trying to figure out tvguides codes  :lol:, heres the link


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