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Bringing this over from the Episode 2 Spoiler Thread:

Phil? :lol: I can hear him now: "A U-Turn is ...."

They are saying HERE that  a U-Turn has a team that has a completed one Detour turn back and complete the other one.  Fact? Guess? Your guess is as good as mine!

And I'll go out on a limb here and say that a speed bump just might be designed to slow the racers down. :doh: A time penalty of some sort? Again, this is a guess...

But fun to see how the new wrinkles play out! I am mostly curious about what would make a team deserve one of the new wrinkles? A penalty? An option for some sort of edge? Hmmm....

From the same basic source, Nicholas and Donald's BuddyTV interview BEFORE AR12 was run, the definition of a U-Turn is when you make another team have to do both detours. There may not be any YIELD in AR12, as the U-Turn effectively replaces it. The U-Turn would have more interesting and varied results.

Have a look here:,13780.msg239573.html#msg239573

Are teams not allowed to make Internet reservations anymore? ???


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on November 20, 2007, 01:02:45 PM ---Have a look here:,13780.msg239573.html#msg239573

Are teams not allowed to make Internet reservations anymore? ???

--- End quote ---

I don't think that's what this exchange is about at all. All it says is that Internet reservations are not accepted unless there is a valid form of payment. Without a credit card(why didn't someone between Kate, Pat, the cameraman, and the sound guy have the official one for air travel; it's usually the responsibility of the sound guy to carry that), you cannot close the reservation. The airline does not have to actually ticket the reservation at the time that it is booked for the Y fare class open ticket (which is the maximum possible fare with maximum possible freedom to make changes and have it endorsed to other airlines, etc.). However, I'm sure they usually do an E-ticket it because that locks in a fee for them no matter what airline the individual actually travels on.

Kate and Pat actually made a mistake if that had access to the credit card(which they should have). By booking over the Internet they probably would have gone close to the head of the line for tickets. It's possible that World Race Productions got around this by not making that credit card available to them in this time frame only and forced them to compete at the Shannon airport.

TARAsia Fan:
Plus the fact that Colin used a fake credit card number to book his limo in Houston in TAR5. I think WRP wanted to avoid a repeat of that (not saying Kate & Pat would use a fake cc #, but that the producers would rather control how it's used).


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