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Digging in to Mole 2, Episode 11
« on: July 30, 2002, 12:13:52 PM »
Digging in to Mole 2, Episode 11
by David Bloomberg -- 07/29/2002

As we get down to the final three, it becomes just that much more obvious who the Mole is. Ah, but who will win? And how well did each player do in the games of Week 11? Let’s take a look.

We’re getting to the end of Mole 2, and it is ever more obvious that we have been right about Bill being the Mole. Even without all the hidden clues (and there certainly were enough of them!), I think I would have pointed the finger at Bill anyway. There is something about the way he acts, and about the way he doesn’t interact with the others. I’m sure the casting folks thought this retired admiral would make a great Mole. But he is simply not as convincing as Kathryn was. At the end of the first series, there was only one thing I was absolutely certain of – that Kathryn was not the Mole. Part of it was because the other two had paired up early on to distract attention and the viewers were not shown that, but part was that she was simply a better “actor.”

Anyway, moving on to discuss the most recent episode, I was sorry to see Al go. I have to say I liked the backbone he showed when Dorothy was hesitating about putting her $25,000 in the pot during the high card game, and he ordered her to put it in. I liked it even more when he won the next hand and booted her!

Speaking of booting people from that game, Heather was smart to take out Al in the next hand when she had a choice of him or Bill. If there was an exemption to be had from winning that game (or in some other related fashion – as it turned out there was), it is much better that Bill, the Mole, should get it rather than letting another player have a shot at it. The down side would have been that Bill could have ended up wrecking the high-stakes game, but as I’ve said before, the money doesn’t matter if you’re not there to win it.

As I was watching Al in the “Tiny Bubbles” room, I had to wonder the same thing that Bill would later find suspicious: Why couldn’t Al simply fall asleep? I mean, if I had been up all night and were that tired, it wouldn’t matter if the song were playing or not. I’d be out. It seemed that Al kept waiting, expecting something else to happen. I suspect that is really what kept him up all night.

As we moved into the vote, Dorothy said first that Heather could be the Mole, but then said she doesn’t trust her (as a player) in their alliance – which is it? Meanwhile, Heather suspected Bill, Dorothy also suspected Bill, and Al is gone. Hmmmm.

I’ll miss goofy ol’ Al. I would have liked to see him win more than Dorothy. He’s just more fun. Right now I’m rooting for Heather. This week we will have some more missions, but no execution. Next week we finally find out who wins. Oh, and they “officially” tell us that Bill is the Mole.

David Bloomberg is the Editor of RealityNewsOnline, and can be reached at

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