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What if BB8 ED & Daniele were on TAR...

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FWIW Dick does not even watch The Amazing Race, Dani is a fan but I have never heard them express interest on being on it aside from Dick saying that he would like to be Janelles partner after Jameka told them that she, Janelle, was a fan of TAR and has tried out.
Dick applied for BB5 , he and Dani applied for BB6 but she was too young then they had to wait out BB7 because of All-Stars and then there was BB8 and you all know how that turned out and yes they did know that each other would be on .. the fake twist surprise was faked by the BB producers.

If anyone, Eric & Jameka were huge fans of the race and have talked about being on it even as partners except neither of them can drive a stick shift, lol.

Ditto Puddin, I have also heard of Nick and Janelle being on TAR, as well as now Eric and Jessica (guess she was a fan to lol) have a petition that CBS asks them to do it. I think that Nick/Daniele would do it before Janelle though. I think Jameka would be good on TAR, and sorry Jen haters but I think she would be good on it. Jen/Jameka :lol3:

Puddin & Janelle  :jam:

Thats the rumor I heard, so its confirmed :lol3: Just kidding!!!

If Dick was on the show, could you imagine how many editors they will have to pay just to keep up with him.


TAR needs no Big Bother roomies, whether they be father and daughter, or whatevers.

I couldn't think of a worse representative of the good ole US of A in the travels around the world than BB Dick.


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