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What if BB8 ED & Daniele were on TAR...

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 :lol:  Found this posting on Sucks by roadblocker, speculating what it would be like having ED & Daniele (from BB8) as a TAR team...

Daniele on TAR..

"I hate being in this car with you! I'm so sick of you! I hate you! I hate the other teams! Aaarrrghh! This is soooooooo FRUSTRATIIIIIIIIIIIING!"
"You never let ME drive! Why don't you want ME to drive? I honestly wanted to run the race with Nick, not you! This is soooooo FRUSTRATIIIIIIIING!"
"Aaarrrgh!!! I can't drive a stick! You didn't teach ME how to drive stick shift!!! You weren't there for me!!!! You didn't give ME driving lessons! I didn't have a father. I had to teach myself how to drive! Aaaaarrgh!!! Soooooooooo FRUSTRATIIIIIIIIIIING!"
"Honestly, I really don't know what this clue honestly says. Honestly, I think you should do the roadblock to be honest, because it requires eating, and honestly, I'm not good at that kind of stuff - and I'm being honest - nothing personal, just strategic."

 :snicker: ;) :rotf: :lol: :yess: :lol3: :groan: :meow:

Roadblocker is freaking funny  :lol:

on another note .. I've never ever heard Dani or Dick talk about TAR, if anything Jameka & Eric are the true race fans and Dick is a fan of Survivor as far as I can tell.

OMG--if this is TAR's future? Just shoot me now! :groan:

Will Donato's Team Up for 'TAR'?

In a peculiar move, the Big Brother producers left Julie Chen's mic on as the closing credits rolled on the Big Brother 8 finale, allowing audiences a candid listen into a conversation between Julie and the Donatos. Although it mostly centered around their schedule for the following two days, Julie ended up asking the Donatos about their possible interest in teaming up for The Amazing Race. Such cross-breeding CBS reality star speculation has occurred before, most recently with Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, but the prospect of a double Donato Amazing Race team is exciting nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Donato fans, the earliest a Dick and Daniele racing tandem would hit airwaves is the fall of 2008. There is no Amazing Race season this fall, which is a major drag, and the spring edition has already filmed. The production for the next race would likely get in gear late next spring or early summer, which gives the Donatos ample time to make their decision, if they're offered the job. But, let's be honest, CBS would be foolish not to toss out that invite. Ratings are what matters and ratings are what the Donatos would bring.

Would Dick and Daniele accept? The two are certainly up for the challenge, one would presume. Both have expressed the desire to use their winnings for world travel, so they would have no trepidations with heading off to remote countries around the world. Dick, especially, is gung-ho about his upcoming travels and, as seen during the Big Brother season, is always eager to spend time with his daughter. The only stumbling block I see is the willingness of Daniele to spend more time with her father. She's been overtly non-committal about the future of her relationship with Dick in the exit interviews and, even with a million dollar payday as enticement, Daniele might not want to spend that much time with her abrasive father. In fact, I wouldn't put it past her to make a play for her and new beau Nick to compete as a team.

And then there was this:

After Evel Dick Donato won half a million dollars on Big Brother 8, he told Julie Chen that he planned on taking a trip around the world. After Julie Chen said goodnight to viewers, the cameras kept rolling as she turned to Evel Dick and Daniele and asked “So you guys want to go on Amazing Race?”

Daniele laughed and said “Shut up.”  Evel Dick laughed and said “It’s funny.  Inside the house we talked and she goes ‘this is the beginning of it and that would be the end.’”  Julie Chen laughed back and said “You never know, that would be a bond like no other.”  Daniele then changed the subject by asking Julie Chen if she was going to the wrap party

If that's going to be the future of Amazing Race, I think someone better remind me not to watch that season until the two of them have been eliminated via Phil!

Those who have followed the ENTIRE thread on SUCKS know 2 things:

1. it was originated by bete noir Jonathan Baker (excuse me for not having the French accent circonflexe readily available for the first e in bete)

2. the prevailing opinion there is that it is a terrible idea

I agree with that prevailing opinion, as you would know from another post on another thread here.


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