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US Broadcaster's Golf Stunt Starting In Inverclyde
26 August 2007


INVERCLYDE will be showcased to millions of viewers in America when a major broadcaster stops off in the area as part of an unusual travel feature.

CBS News is coming to Scotland next week to broadcast a series of travel stories, and has given a correspondent the task of hitting a golf ball across the entire country.

Phil Keoghan from The Early Show faces the challenge of hitting a golf ball from west to east; starting in Inverclyde and ending more than 100 miles away in St Andrew’s at the Old Course.

Inverclyde’s Provost Michael McCormick will meet Phil to wish him luck on Tuesday morning when the quirky news assignment gets underway at the Free French Memorial on Greenock’s Lyle

Provost McCormick said: “While I don’t envy the golf challenge CBS has set Phil, I’m pleased they’ve chosen to set off from Inverclyde and I’ll certainly be going along to wish him well as he heads for St Andrew’s. In fact, if I’d more time, I’d have joined Phil on his challenge.

“Inverclyde is a great location with fantastic river views, great golf courses, a host of heritage sites and welcoming, friendly people. So I’m delighted we’ll have the chance to show America what Inverclyde has to offer. In fact, many viewers in America may well have family connections back to Inverclyde.”

Phil Keoghan said: “I’ve always loved the people of Scotland and I just figured the best way to connect with them and really experience the culture would be through the game of golf. I look forward to teeing off from Inverclyde.”

Gooo Phil! :woohoo:  Good luck!

puddin, it says "Phil Keoghan from The Early Show...."

I didn't know Phil was a "correspondent" for cbs and/or the Early Show.  ???   I think of him as only the TAR host! 
He must work for cbs in different capacities, huh?

Rudy, Phil does this Keoghans Heroes for the Early Show.

Ohhh...ok.  Thanks puddin.  :hugs:
Guess I should research him to see what he's up to during off-season! :)

No problem made me look and I had missed Phil's Star Trek voyage  :yess:


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