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EP14-FINALE: "Every Pirate for themselves" *maybe spoilers*

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You bet we do!


So sorry everyone--I will be flying and/or in transit pretty much the whole day tomorrow so I will not be able to do screencaps tomorrow.

If any of y'all still would like them on Wed, I'm more than happy to do them--just leave me a note here if you would like them! 

 :lol: In other words--is anybody still out there who needs the recap/screencaps?   ???  :waves:

Final Show is great . everyone must try catch it if they can . I thrill at who won it all and happy with way the ghost voted on last show .

If anyone wants a recap tonight at 10pm EST, I'll do one.  Just reply here and tell me.  I may do a short one if there are no replies. 

Finale in realplayer   :waves:


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