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EP14-FINALE: "Every Pirate for themselves" *maybe spoilers*

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Episode Recap #14: Series Finale
Well, well, well, the ship has sailed on this show and by that I mean we're at the finale. Finally. It's been a long haul with some high points... and some low ones. Nevertheless, Pirate Master has come to an end.

Even though I knew this was the last show, it didn't alleviate any sense of impatience I felt with the episode. It was never-ending. Maybe it was the first challenge between Christa, Ben and Jay to determine who would participate in the finale challenge for Captain Steele's treasure. That was long enough, but the second one went on forever. Especially since Cameron repeated at least three times the players on each crew. Yeah, I heard that the first time. Black crew: Ben, Cheryl, Azmyth, Jupiter. Red crew: Christa, John, Jay, Nessa.

Yes my friends, Ben won his first term as captain and $50K in that initial challenge, automatically making Christa and Jay receive the black spots. The "ghosts" all came back to vote in this last Pirates Court. Long-story-short, all the ghosts hated Jay and voted him out 12-1. No surprise there. Christa and Ben were left to battle it out for the half-million-dollar prize.

But wait! Before we do that, the last two players must each choose a crew from the ghosts. Before that the ghosts must declare whether they want to participate in the challenge and if so, why. These declarations went on... forever. The highlight, though, was John, that exotic dancer/scientist who, unbeknownst to me, has some odd fixation on Christa. He "believes in Christa." He's not "invested in Ben's spirit." Um, what? Later during a bidding war over Nessa when Christa was doling out money to secure her crew, John — seemingly offended at the suggestion that he take money — refused the gold with a "don't even think of offering me money to fight for you." Creepy.

The final challenge was exhausting to watch and not particularly riveting. Given that Christa was pretty much behind the whole time, the suspense over who would win was nonexistent. Ben is the Pirate Master, people! He was so excited about that title, as if it really meant that he now truly was lord of the pirates. Regardless, Ben's a lot richer than he was at the start of this game. Congratulations to him.

It was minimally fulfilling to see all the ghosts return, including Cheryl, who was quite talkative during the episode. I had forgotten about Sean the cute cook. Kendra was particularly nasty to Christa, telling the blonde that instead of going on a reality show she ought to get a job and work to be a good example to her daughter. Ouch. Joy said not a word. Joe Don had trimmed his hair and was quick, for whatever reason, to mention that old cliché of standing for nothing, falling for everything. Jupiter was still all about being loyal to whomever was the current captain. Azmyth wore more eye makeup than usual. Nessa was feisty. Louie still cackled. Christian was silent. And Laurel, God love her, she picked a fight with Ben, stole his coat and declared herself Ghost Captain. She then started a rebellion among the crew by refusing to do any chores on the ship since there was no money in it for them. Man, I've missed her.

So that's it, folks. The show is (officially) over. It's been quite a ride.

N ah that link show commercials only too, but with puddin's cap I know who won and how it played out.  That's good enough since I haven't seen an episode for so long.  Basically wanted to know how they completed the last challenge with 2 left, and I wanted Jay gone.  Now time to sink that ship.   :pirate4 :pirate4   :pirates: 

I,m going to be a little leary of new shows now.

Well, I liked it MUCH better than that recap did! :lol:

Try the official CBS one for more info--it goes into lots of detail...

AT that site--select PHOTOS and you'll see some nice ones from the episode too.

Hope that helps! We are going to have to talk to CBS about Canadians! 

Although I thought I heard that CTV was showing it? ???

I don't know who is showing it as I don't really pay attention to the stations.  We do get states channels here as I'm close to the border (I actually think the island tip is south of the mainland border).  We get more states news than bc news, lol.  The thing that pisses me off is I missed the second episode off PM and went to the site and watched it.  So they cancell it, after they get my interest, and suddenly Canadians can't watch, like why??? What would it change??? (:;) (:;) (:;) (:;)
Anyways I'll go check out the other link, so ty for that and at least you guys didn't leave me....... :killme:

Finally got around to watching it.  Excellent ending.  Who called it that the treasure was on the ship all along?   ;D I did!  I never expected it to be in the Chest of Zanzibar. 

Anyways, congrats Ben!  Both you or Christa deserved it!


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