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EP14-FINALE: "Every Pirate for themselves" *maybe spoilers*

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Next Week on the finale of Pirate Master:

The ghosts return for their say in court.

With three pirates left, itís every pirate for themselves. 

The Pirate master will be crowned.


Episode 14 "The Captain's Bounty" filmed at Titou Gorge, a waterfall within a cave also used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Includes a video of the Gorge!

So I guess the finale is like Survivor.  The final three compete in one last challenge. The winner votes off one person and the jury picks between the final two.   That's kind of lame. I was hoping to see something different. 

I actually think it'll go down like this:

Right off the beginning, the ghosts will cut adrift one of the remaining final three pirates before their last expedition, thus leaving the final two.  Then, the final two will search for Captain Steele's treasure individually.  The pirate who finds it first has won the game and 500 grand. 

What I speculate is that Captain Steele's treasure is on the ship, and the pirates have been looking at it all along.  Possibly its in the lower deck or in the captain's quarters.
Does anyone even watch this show anymore?


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