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EP13: To Forgive and Forget *maybe spoilers*

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Well, despite my best efforts I don't think I can promise to be here right at 10PM.

I'm in a different time zone this week and have a conflict with the time.  :groan:

But I've gone ahead and done the screencaps and given them to Cinera to intersperse with his recap or just link to---hope it works out okay!

And there will be another episode next week as well!

Have fun!

Yes, I'll be doing the recap tonight at 10pm EST.  Too bad peach can't be here but the show must go on! 

Hopefully next week, peach and I can try to recap it as a team.  See you all tonight!

I have a question abt the Pirate Master show.. has it been cancelled?  it hasnt been on here in Fl for almost a month. please address this thanks

Hi and welcome!

CBS did cancel the show on TV, but all of the episodes are available online. You can find them online at the CBS site HERE .

But for some reason, our non-US friends can't access those, so hence the recaps.

Please feel free to join us for our discussions around here! :hithere:

Is everyone ready to recap EP13?  I sure am!


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