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TAR All Stars Rerun Marathon on FOX Reality!

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I think there's a lot to gloat about :D

TARAsia Fan:
All I know is that the wrong team won. :p

I am with you on that TARAsiaFan! PoorD/K... :hugs:

And my TAR 11 cup runneth over with good moments not bad--so a chance to see more for those who may have missed some of the episodes or even the series (and not be fortunate enough to have a copy of the season  ;)) is a gift! And any TAR in our moments of withdrawal can't help but be a good thing, right? Possible new viewers, a pre-Emmy refresher--I think we are so lucky to get a new look! 

Heee....these new glasses are pretty rosy, aren't they?

And to watch the darlings... Oswald and Danny  ;D

........... come in 4th again

wow you can watch Romber all day - I don't think I have fox reality either

TARAsia Fan:
It's too bad GSN didn't get the later versions of TAR as it could have packaged it with the earlier seasons. But Fox Reality has it and any way I can watch TAR while I wait for a new season is fine with me. Heck, TAR could sign with the Playboy Channel and I'd find a way to watch it.  :lol: :lol: :lol:


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