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TAR All Stars Rerun Marathon on FOX Reality!

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Set your TiVo's now! :happy:

A Big  :ty3: to kogs for this heads up!

TARAllStars  will be rerun in its entirety on Fox Reality on Aug 25 and 26th.

AUG 25 schedule

AUG 26 schedule

Here's your chance to relive the drama! ;)

puddin cannnot bare to even watch Romber lose TAR7 so chooses not to watch them lose All stars again either, lol

That's okay --we wouldn't dream of making you watch it again!  :kissy:

All the rest of you who want to meet up and do the happy dance again---let's gloat together! :nana

More like a pity party for me.. I do not have Fox Reality so thats just another good excuse, lol


--- Quote from: georgiapeach link=topic=13056.msg213158#msg213158 date=118705249

...let's gloat together! ---
--- End quote ---

I disagree. What is there to gloat about in AR11?
John Vito and Jill making another navigational error and eliminating themselves?
Kevin and Drew failing to get turned around quick enough to reach the pitstop in time?
Mary getting distracted during an in-car interview by the sound-man and advising David wrongly on the turn that cost them 3 hours and got them eliminated?
Amber and Rob making one bad choice of which DETOUR to do in Punta Arenas and being eliminated near Ushuaia despite 3 consecutive first-place finishes?
A puzzle causing Teri and Ian to fall behind Joe and Bill and get eliminated?
Deliberate slowness in eating sausage causing Joe and Bill to not be able to make up time needed to prevent their elimination?
Problems in ticketing at Munich airport delaying Joyce and Uchenna when they got to Frankfurt, causing them to miss the one viable connection to Kuala Lumpur?
Victory by a team that never won any of the previous 12 legs?

It looks to me like there is little to gloat about in AR11.


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