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Well I need to tape the show as I am not sure I will get to see all of the show.  Wonder if when they show the clues we will go DUH!

I know Texan... that always seems to happen to me... I thought I discovered something last episode, but I am not too sure.... I don't want to say it, because I don't want to spoil anything.... I have a feeling Dennis is the Mole.

Man, I kept telling myself it can not be a model again.

I felt bad for Tracey, if she had not given D-Rod the exemption then she would have been in the top 3!  Funny though she had told Angie that she was not the mole.

I am glad D- Rod won~ He was so excited.

Question ~ Does Angie get anything for being the mole?

JinXXXX!! Unbeleivable..I was so suprised that Angie was the Mole!!She played it so well and deserves a reward ..I had no idea.. :o!

He said last night that D-rod walks away with the money, and Angie walks away knowing she gave a great performance, so I do not think she gets anything really... Maybe some publicity? Haven't heard from her in a while..... ???


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