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EP 12: (title to follow) *maybe spoilers*

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Oh guys--I have a problem...

I will not be able to do the recap in live time tomorrow night at 10  ( I'm going out of town...)

But--IF CBS gets it online in a timely fashion I will do my best to get something up for y'all before I go --but this will probably be earlier than usual--hope that doesn't mess up anyone...

Hate to miss the group fun though! :pirate5


Flashback to last week--

Jay and Ben realize that they may be better off against Laurel than Christa at the end.
Kendra overhears them saying that Christa would be a threat at the end, and takes that info to Christa.
Laurel and Louie becoming friends.

Jay says that he didn't come on this game to make friends--that he came to provide for his family. If that means hurting someone he has known for 11 weeks--then so be it.

Ben says that since the start of the game, Jay has been playing all sides. He meets with Christa to see what is going on...

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Ben and Christa realize that Jay can't be trusted and they owe a big debt to Kendra for pointing that out.

Ben says he needs to go before he does more damage.

They don't have to tell the others--just let Laurel do her thing--don't tell her.

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Christa--now I'm playing for ben and me--I was playing for Jay and me but no more

The game is only nasty now because jay made it that way. He is going to hate me but it is his fault.

Intro credits

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Laurel says she is the most relaxed player on the ship--she is just chilling--she is like whatever--she avoids all the whispering--she has no strategy and doesn't want to get one.

And that seems to be working for her...

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